Current Students Housing Sign-ups


November 4, 2019 phases of Room Selection for the 2020-2021 academic year will begin. Sign up before February 1, 2020 to avoid the $200 application fee!


  • If you sign the online contract in the application to participate in Room Selection  you are bounded to the contract and will NOT BE RELEASED unless you cancel during the cancellation period February 3-7, 2020 or if you no longer attend Clarion University.  
  • Room Selection will be in phases and once you are assigned to a room, you will not be able to  participate in another Room Selection phase. 
  • Current freshmen are required to live on campus for their sophomore year, unless they are approved through an exemption. 
  • To receive priority  consideration for medical housing accommodations, students should contact the office of Disability Support Services to have their recommendation in to Residence Life before November 1. Students must renew their requests for housing accommodations each year (this includes comfort animals).


Room Selection Step-by-Step Guide

Room Type List and locations



Retention - November 4-8

Current upperclass (sophomores, juniors, seniors to be graduate students) students can retain their room for the 2018-2019 academic year.  Here are the steps:

1. Log in to the Room Selection application  by 11:59P.M. November 8

2. Complete the application and sign the contract

3. Go to "My home" in the application and "Select a Room Returning Students" 

4. Select your same room through the drop down. 

Summer Housing:  Students that want to reside in Reinhard Villages for the summer MUST live in the same room for Spring 2020 to Fall 2020.  We will try to accommodate summer school students that will be changing rooms or currently living the suites on campus and have Fall 2020 Reinhard assignment.  Costs of summer housing will be posted once confirmed.   


If there are vacancies in the room/suite/apartment in which upperclassmen retained, they can pull-in residents to fill those vacancies. The residents that are being pulled in MUST currently live in campus housing and will have to complete the online application to sign the contract for housing to be eligible to be pulled in.  

On November 11 & 12 all students of the room/suite/apartment that either retained or are being pulled in need to complete the Pull-in Form and come to the Residence Life office, 2nd floor Becht Hall room 218 or Reinhard Villages Community Center.  At that time, Residence Life staff will review the request and make the pull-in assignment. Pull-ins will be taken from 9A.M. -  4P.M. both days at both locations.

If someone cannot make the meeting with the staff, they can complete the designated proxy form and allow another student make the assignment or pull-in in their absence. 

Please come to the Residence Life Office or Reinhard Community Center on the designated day for your building:

  • November 11- Campus View, Brook Trout, Hemlock Knoll, Whitetail Overlook
  • November 12 - Suites on Main North, Grouse Field, Laurel Glen, Firefly Meadow Farm

Living learning communities

If you are interested in one of the Living Learning Communities, you will need to complete the housing application/contract and select the community within the application.  
You will also need to complete the brief supplemental form that can be found here.   After both pieces are done, we will assign you to the community you selected.   Please be sure your room type preference match what is offered in your community. 
If you have a roommate request, we will do our best to honor it.  Your roommate should follow the same steps above and list you as their preferred roommate. 
*We honor living learning community requests above room style and roommate requests.  Placements are first come, first served.   

Displaced Selection - November 13

By invitation only at the Residence Life office, 218 Becht Hall.

Open Selection by Class - November 15-21


Students that wish to take part in Open Selection will be able to choose a room that is still open from the other phases of Room Selection.  Students need to complete the Room Selection application and contract to participate in Open Selection. 

NEW:  There will be no lottery times assigned, rather each day the application will open at 9am for students of the particular class assigned for that day to log in and pick a room.  

ROOMMATES:  In the application, you can select roommates that you want to live with next year.  THEY MUST COMPLETE THE APPLICATION AND CONTRACT AND CONFIRM THEY WANT TO BE YOUR ROOMMATE.  Once confirmed, when the student logs in on the day they have access to Open Selection, they will be able to select a room and assign the other roommates who confirmed.  

It is advised the roommates talk about where they want to live and who will be selecting the room and making the assignments BEFORE the morning of their selection date.  

VIEWING AVAILABLE ROOMS: When you open the link to the application, there is a direct link to view open rooms.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO COMPLETE THE CONTRACT TO VIEW ROOMS.

Dates of Open Selection are:

  • November 15 - current graduate students, seniors, juniors
  • November 18 & 19 - current sophomores
  • November 20 & 21 - current freshmen


WAITLIST:  If there are no rooms available that meet the student's preference during the Open Selection process, a waitlist will be available to complete.  Students must have their Room Selection application contract completed to be eligible to be on the wait list.  This waitlist will guarantee students a place to reside for next year and we will work to accommodate requests until June 2020.  At that time the students will be assigned into a room/suite/apartment that may not be their their top preferences.  

Please complete the waitlist form and submit to Residence Life Office.  You will be contacted once you are assigned to a space.  

Open Cancellation Period - February 3 -7, 2020 

Does not pertain to current freshmen

If you signed up for a room during Room Selection, but changed your mind, you can now cancel your housing application at no cost.  This cancellation period will only be honored from February 3-7, 2020.  After that time, students will be bounded to the contract unless they leave the university. Log into the Room Selection application to cancel your assignment.


Students selecting housing for the 2020-2021 school year should be aware that you CANNOT FORCE other students out of an apartment/room that they have selected to live in. Bullying and/or harassment to force another student out of a room that they have selected should be reported to the Office of Judicial and Mediation Services. If it is found that you have bullied and/or harassed another student to move out of a room, then you will be removed from that room and will be required to select another room/apartment on-campus.  This behavior is also subject to student conduct action under the Student Code of Conduct. Bullying and/or harassment can be reported to the Office of Judicial and Mediation Services by calling 814-393-1918 or emailing Sarah Zerfoss at

If you are interested in one of these communities, please select your preferred Living Learning Community in the housing application.  You will also need to complete the brief supplemental form that can be found here.  After you have completed the application and the supplemental form, we will place you in an available space in the community. Please, be sure that your room type preferences match what is offered in your community.  If you have a roommate request, we will do our best to honor it for you.  Please, be sure your preferred roommate also selects the community and submits the supplemental form, so we can place you as soon as possible.  We honor living learning community requests above the room style and roommate preferences.  Placements are first come – first served; so be sure to submit everything as soon as you are ready.  For more information about our specific Living Learning Communities, please visit the webpage found here.  If you have any questions, contact our office at 814-393-2352 or  

Last Updated 6/26/20