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Good Neighbors

The core of a good neighborhood is the relationships established among  its neighbors whether they live on or off campus. The first step in  building a relationship is respecting those next door, down the street  and around the corner.  While you may not be able to change the  neighborhood in  which you live, you can change the experience you have in your own  neighborhood by getting more involved with those around you and taking  pride in the area in which you live. 

We are committed to reducing quality of life concerns such as loud  noise, fighting behaviors, harassment, underage drinking and drug abuse  which may negatively impact life on and off campus. Join us in embracing  our positive impact on life in the residence halls, Reinhard Villages  and in the Clarion community.

Quality of Life Concerns

Quality of life concerns impact our community both on and off campus when Clarion students are involved in:

  • high-risk drinking and large parties where alcohol is provided to guests;

  • vandalism and theft of property;

  • noise in the halls or in the community,

  • on or off campus;

  • driving  while impaired or taking other risks while behind the wheel  such as texting and driving, speeding and not yielding to pedestrians;

  • fighting and harassing behaviors rather than working though differences; and

  • failing to properly dispose of trash. Piling up debris and accumulating junk not only looks bad but may attract animals. 


Steps Toward Being a Good Neighbor

While people have their own ideas of a good neighbor and a good  neighborhood, here are a few steps to help you be a better neighbor.

  • Recognize that you are part of a neighborhood, whether on or off campus.

  • Spend time getting to know your neighbors.

  • You expect to be treated with respect; please be sure that you do the same.

  • Identify boundaries such as noise levels, trash removal, parking and property lines. 

  •  Exchange contact information and schedule to make you better aware of your surroundings.

  • Take pride in where you live. Clarion has so much to offer! 

The Clarion Good Neighbor Program is sponsored, in part, by Clarion University, Clarion Borough, and the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.


Contact Information:

Good Neighbor

Facebook: @CUxgoodneighbor

Instagram: @clarion_goodneighbor

Student Senate

Clarion Borough

Scott Sharrar, Zoning Officer
+1 814 226 7707, ext. 104

William Peck, Chief of Police
+1 814-226-9140

Brett Whitling, Mayor
+1 814 226 7707

Clarion University
Jimmy McGee
Director of the Center for Wellness
+1 814 393 1949

Matt Shaffer
Director of Judicial Affairs
+1 814 393 1982

University Police
+1 814 393 2111

Campus Information
+1 814 393 2000 

Student Senate Office
+1 814 393 2318


Clarion Chamber of Business and Industry




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