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Off-Campus Housing

Sophomore Residency Requirement 

Before you make the decision to move off campus, remember there is a sophomore residency requirement in which students are required to live in university housing (the Hilltop, Suites on Main, or Reinhard Villages) their freshman and sophomore year at Clarion University.  If you have any questions if you are eligible to move off campus, DO NOT sign an off campus lease before you speak to a staff member at the Center of Residence Life Services.  

On-Campus Housing contracts are signed are for the ENTIRE academic year. Contracts will only be broken if the student is not attending Clarion University due to withdrawal, suspension, or study abroad.  Students will be held to their on-campus contract if an off-campus lease is signed. 

Clarion University provides information and resources to assist students who are making decisions about off-campus housing.  Please refer to the information below: 


Last Updated 11/6/22