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How does the Meal Card system work?

Your Clarion University identification card will be encoded to access your dining services account. You must present this card to our cashier for entrance into the dining hall or for purchases at the Snack Bar in Gemmell. The cost of a meal or flex dollars will be deducted automatically from your balance when you present your identification card to the cashier. During any transaction, the cashier can provide your current balance of meals and/or flex dollars remaining. Should you experience any problems with your dining services account, please contact ID office, located in 218 Becht Hall.  Identification cards are not transferable. Violations of this policy will result in confiscation of the card and possible disciplinary action.

What are the advantages of Meal Plans?

The variety and quality of our meals often exceed anything found in fast food restaurants. As long as you have your Clarion University ID Card, there is never any need to carry cash in order to dine on campus. It is easiest to budget your money when you are on a meal plan. Even though your funds may dramatically decrease towards the end of a semester, you will always have access to a nutritious, hot meal when you are on a meal plan. And remember your Financial Aid will pay for your meal plan.

Can I trade a meal?

As a way to add greater flexibility to our flex meal plans, students can trade a 'meal' for a cash allowance in the Gemmell Food Court. If your purchase exceeds this limit, you can use your Flex Dollars or cash to pay the difference. The cash allowance value for which you can exchange your meal for this year is $5.95.

What are Flex Dollars?

Flex dollars, which are integrated into many of our meal plans, give you added flexibility and convenience. Flex dollars may be used at any campus dining location. They may be used to supplement your meal plan if you have eaten the maximum weekly meals allowed on your plan. Meals may be purchased for family and friends when they come to visit, and students can even have pizza delivered right to their door!

There is no refund for unused flex dollars. Unused flex dollars will carry over from fall until spring, but will not be carried over to the following academic year.  Many times, campus food services will offer specials at the end of each semester for students trying to use up remaining flex dollars.  Students may add to their flex dollar accounts by purchasing additional flex dollars in increments of $25.

How do I add Flex Dollars to my account?

Flex dollars can only be added if you have an existing Flex Plan with your Meal Plan.  Students can add flex dollars one of two ways. 

  1. Students can add flex dollars online with a credit card at Get Funds.  Student must be a current or future student with an existing integrated meal plan that includes a flex account, minimum deposit of $25.  Deposits added online are available within 24 hours of the next business day. 

  2. Students can also add flex dollars with cash, check, or credit card during regular business hours by visiting the ID Office at 218 Becht Hall. 

Contact Information

Center for Residence Life Services 218 Becht Hall 840 Wood Street  Clarion, PA 16214 +1 814 393 2352, fax +1 814 393 1860 

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Last Updated 8/21/20