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The CUmentor program is designed to link alumni, employers, and professional partners with current Clarion University students to facilitate mentor-mentee partnerships that foster the sharing of knowledge and experience.

Our goal is to:

  1. Increase student preparedness, confidence, and knowledge related to professional field(s) of interest.
  2. Provide students with opportunities for professional development, networking, and information/idea exchange with professionals in their academic area.
  3. Provide opportunities for alumni to connect with Clarion University and play a notable role in current students' future endeavors.
  4. Establish partnerships between alumni and students to facilitate career exploration and career coaching.

prepare to be mentored

Students will prepare for the CUmentor program through interactions with the Center for Career and Professional Development, which are linked to multiple classes and/or various CUprofessional platforms that will provide intermediate and advanced programming to enhance participants' career development and job search skills.

Students will work to complete required sessions, resulting in a CUpro digital badge and mentee eligibility status.

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Success stories & Expectations

Contemplating joining or not sure what to expect? View success stories and testimonials from participants in the program and take a look at our infographic, displaying what a typical partnership is like.

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Choose How To Participate

The CUmentor program is open year round and participants have the opportunity to update their profile and Received after successful completion of the CUmentor program!preferences at any time.

Once students have obtained mentee eligibility by receiving a CUprofessional badge, they are invited to the Golden Eagle Gateway. Here, they will create a profile and gain instant access to alumni/mentors to connect with for mentorship.

Partnerships can last one week, one month, or one year - it is up to you! It is highly recommended that the student and mentor create a timeline for their partnership during the first meeting (see the recommended resources section).

Successful completion of the CUmentor program results in the CUmentor digital badge.


Prior to matching, students are required to meet with the program coordinator to discuss their roles and responsibilities as part of the program and begin brainstorming goals and topics for their first meeting with a mentor.


Students start here:


Alumni start here:

Last Updated 7/2/21