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Choosing a Major or Career

What should my major be? What career should I pursue?

Not sure where to begin? No problem!  Complete the FOCUS 2 career and major exploration self-assessment. FOCUS 2is a comprehensive and reliable career and education decision making model that will help you select your major, to make informed career decisions and take action. The system is customized with Clarion’s majors and your assessment results are matched to career options and majors/programs at the university. 

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Focus2 Career Assessment Guide

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Career Readiness:
FOCUS 2 assesses your involvement and introduces activities that support career and education decision making. Career Readiness establishes the baseline. Includes your self described career and educational goals, academic strengths and weaknesses, career planning status, and personal development needs.

Five reliable and valid assessments guide the career exploration process. You can combine the results of multiple assessments to get more refined results. You can review your answers and retake any assessment as often as you would like.

FOCUS 2 includes:

  • Work Interest Inventory
  • Personality Assessment
  • Skills
  • Work Values
  • Leisure Activities

Career Exploration

The extensive database of FOCUS 2 includes current detailed information on 1000+ different occupations. Brief videos accompany many of the occupations to give you a better feel for a "day in the life of ..."

Descriptions include:

  • Educational Requirements including Major Areas of Study
  • Job Duties
  • Skills
  • Values
  • Job Outlook and Trends
  • Earnings
  • Advancement Opportunities
  • Typical Work Environment
  • Typical Work Interest Profile
  • Professional Associations

Regular and ongoing updates keep the information current with workforce and economic changes.

When exploring occupations, you also have the ability to compare 2 occupations side by side, search for occupations by industry, and much more!

What Can You Do With A Major in ...?

FOCUS 2 allows you to explore potential career options for each of your programs of study at CU.

Additional Online Career Assessment Tools

Career Coach PA Career Coach is designed to help you find a good career by providing the most current local data on wages, employment, job postings, and associated education and training. Get started by typing in your name and zip code above; then simply search for an occupation by category or keyword.


Schedule an appointment with a staff member of the Center for Career and Professional Development to talk about your FOCUS 2 results and to help you implement a plan for success!

Last Updated 12/17/20