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Student Senate

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Welcome to Student Senate!

Student Senate is a driving voice organization that consists of 22 elected PennWest Clarion Student Senators. Their responsibility is to represent the entire student body. Student Senate is vested with all powers of the Clarion Students' Association (CSA) and they allocate the Student Activity Fee revenues with the approval of the President of PennWest Clarion.

The Student Senate office is located in Gemmell 249. It is past the information desk and to the right of the seating areas. Student Senate meets Mondays at 7:30pm in 248 Gemmell. Upcoming meetings will be posted under the events section. These meetings are open to all students, faculty, and staff, so please, come to the meetings if you would like to voice any concern about the campus or are interested in Student Senate.

Additional information about Student Senate, including the current members, meeting minutes, committees and the current constitution for the organization Engage Explore - PennWest University of Pennsylvania

Becoming A Senator

If you are interested in becoming a Senator, applications will be available on CUConnect at the beginning of the fall semester and during the end of the spring semester. Applications may be available throughout the academic year for special elections if a seat needs to be filled. The application consists of basic contact information, a picture of the applicant, and the applicant's platform. After the application deadline, elections occur by voting of the students of PennWest Clarion via CU Connect. Elected students will be contacted by Student Senate at the conclusion of the elections. 


Samuel Shannon 

Sydney Spang
Vice President

Emma Kilgore
VP Rules & Regulations

Harley Lenhart
Venango Representative

Elyse Talerico

Abby Barrett


Matthew G. Shaffer
Dean of Students

Jim McGee
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Wellness

Sandra Machokas
CSA Executive Director

Kathryn Robinson
PennWest Clarion Student Trustee

Last Updated 10/27/22