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Instruction Rooms

Primary Use

The Library Instruction Lab on Level 2 of Carlson Library (room 201) is designed as a research and instruction lab for library instruction sessions that support the Information Literacy mission of Carlson Library and PennWest University's Curriculum. The primary purpose of the lab - Information Literacy Instruction - takes priority over any secondary uses of the room described below.

Secondary Use

The Library Instruction Lab, when not in use for Information Literacy instruction or library events, is an open computer lab for the student body and campus community.

Use Restrictions

The Library Instruction Lab is not designed to be used as a standard classroom. Therefore, the lab may not be scheduled on a regular basis for meetings, classes, or events for departments outside of the Library. Use by university faculty and staff groups can be made on a semester by semester basis with the approval of the Library Administration in consultation with the Instruction Librarians. The lab computers' programming or software may not be altered without the consent of the Library Administration and the IT Services. The lab may not be scheduled for meetings or events by students.

Peak Use Periods

Typically, during the first six weeks and last two weeks of the fall and spring semesters, Information Literacy instruction and computer lab use by students is at its peak. During these times, access to the lab is restricted in order to accommodate needs.


Email Mary Buchanan or call her at x1811 to request use of the room. Requests are reviewed by the instruction librarians with final approval by Library Administration.

Policy Review

The Library Instruction Room Policy and Procedures is reviewed annually.



Last Updated 9/1/22