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Group Study Rooms

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Explore your Library and discover the many places and spaces where you can study or relax with a good book. The Libraries provide various comfortable, well-lighted areas for individual and small-group study.

Group Study 

Small groups are encouraged to take advantage of the semi-private rooms available on Level A, Level 1, and Level 3 of the Carlson Library and in Suhr Library and Learning Commons. Gather your study group around the table and get down to business! 

The rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis, although in special cases they may be reserved ahead of time.

Our policy states,

"Study rooms are available for either individual or group use. Priority for study room space is normally given to groups of three (3) or more. Library staff may request that an individual study elsewhere when the space is requested for group use."

In the event that a group needs a study space, and the room is occupied by fewer than three people, group members should check the availability of other study rooms. If another room is not available, you may ask individuals or smaller groups to vacate a room, or request that Circulation Desk staff ask individuals to relinquish the room for group use. 

Please remember that Group Study Rooms are not sound-proof, and occupants should keep their noise levels in check. Those outside the room can usually hear what is being discussed inside the room.

Collaborative Study Rooms

Need a place to practice a presentation or to work on a group project aided by a computer? Some study rooms are equipped with large, flat-screen monitors, computers, and Webcams or laptops can be connected to the monitor.

The equipment makes it easier for students working on group projects, or collaborating as a study group, to work together more effectively. Available Webcams provide the opportunity to practice, record, and critique presentations, or to involve others in a collaboration via software such as Zoom. Technical assistance is available at the S.W.A.T. (Students Who Assist [with] Technology) Service Desk in Carlson Library. For technical assistance at Suhr, please ask staff in the building.

The equipment in the collaborative study rooms was made possible by Student Technology Fees and the Center for Computing Services.

Quiet Zones

Need a quiet place to study or work on a research paper? Level 2 and Level 3 of Carlson Library are designated as "Quiet Zones." In accordance with student preferences and campus culture, the Entrance Level and Level A are more open for group work and social interaction. 

We need your assistance and cooperation. If you receive a cell phone call or a friend stops by, please keep it quiet and brief, or take the conversation elsewhere. If someone is not maintaining the Quiet Zone atmosphere, ask that person to respect the quiet designation. If the noise persists, notify the staff at the Circulation Desk. They will investigate and handle the situation, as staffing permits.

Library staff members attempt to enforce moderation of noise on Levels 1 and A and Suhr Library and Learning Commons. If you think that it is too noisy there, please consult with our staff. Since Library staffing is limited, we appreciate your help maintaining the libraries as desirable places to work and study.



Last Updated 8/11/21