M.S. Reading Specialist

A program preparing teachers to successfully teach those who struggle to read.

badgeStudents who have problems reading, spelling and writing often puzzle teachers and end up frustrated. These students have the ability to learn as much as others, however, they experience unique obstacles. These students may be dealing with dyslexia (reading problems), dysgraphia (writing problems), or other neurological disorders that get in the way of everyday learning experiences.

Clarion University’s Department of Special Education and Disability Policy Services' focused training results in a uniquely qualified reading specialist who is ready to solve the puzzle. Graduates of this program will be prepared so that their students will be successful in school and beyond.

As one of 10 schools in PA with International Dyslexia accreditation, Clarion is proud to offer a Reading Specialist program that not only meets all PA guidelines for certification but delves deeper into those scientifically validated instructional strategies that target these disorders.


Last Updated 7/1/20