Autism Spectrum Disorders Certificate/Endorsement

Designed for school personnel who hold Level I and Level II teaching certificates, this endorsement will be an addition to the school personnel's existing Level I and Level II certificates and will be issued by the PDE upon the completion of an application and successfully completing the required coursework.

The required 12 hours of graduate level coursework includes:

  • Classes in autism spectrum disorders.
  • Advanced applied behavior analysis.
  • Collaboration and cooperation.
  • Advanced methods for persons with autism and severe disabilities.

Gifted and Talented Certificate/Endorsement

All students need to make annual yearly progress even those who are gifted and talented. This certificate is designed to aid schools and educators in enhancing the opportunity for all students.

The required 15-18 hours include:

  • Human Exceptionalities (may receive credit for prior learning).
  • Differentiated Instruction.
  • Introduction to Gifted.
  • Curriculum Development and Educational Programming in Gifted Education.
  • Collaboration and Cooperation: Improved Teaching and Learning Outcomes.
  • Contemporary Education Practices and Directions.
Last Updated 7/1/20