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Doctor of Nursing Practice Program Tuition and Fees

Each year, the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education's Board of Governors sets tuition rates and tuition-related fees for the 14 state system schools. This is typically completed on or around July 1. The PennWest Clarion Council of Trustees sets fees which are used to support student activities and the operation of university facilities. All fees are payable whether or not the student plans to use these services or facilities. Total costs depend upon credit load, fees, housing choice, meal plan selection, residency, location, and in some cases, program choice. 

doctor of nursing practice program (online)

per credit rates for fall 2021 - spring 2022 - Summer 2022

  PA Resident Non-PA Resident
Tuition 671.00 725.00
Technology Fee 28.00 40.00
Instructional Support Fee 139.80 209.24
Student Fee 51.00 51.00
Per Credit Total: 889.80 1,025.24



$50 Records Fee Charged to All First Semester Students


Undergraduate students, graduate students, and students who are active duty military will find their detailed tuition and fee breakdowns by choosing the appropriate category on the left hand side.   Housing and meal plan rates may also be accessed to the left.

Last Updated 8/23/23