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Payment Options

 Students can review fully detailed billing and payment information by signing on to their Clarion University MyClarion account. Questions concerning this information should be directed to the Student Financial Services office at 800 672 7171 (menu option 4), or 814 393 1071.

Students must know their Clarion ID number in order to discuss their account with the Student Financial Services staff. Students can obtain their Clarion ID by logging into their MyClarion account, going to the Student Center, and clicking on "Demographic Data."  The student ID is listed at the top.

Student account information cannot be discussed with anyone other than the student unless the student completes and signs a Release of Information form designating to whom the information can be released. The form should be completed, signed, and submitted to the Registrar's Office.

Clarion University has the following payment options available for paying tuition, fees, room, meal plan, and other charges.  Please note that we cannot accept payments over the phone.



Students have access to these payment options via their MyClarion Student Center.  Click on "Manage My Account" in the Finances section.  It will then transfer you to the Clarion University Online Payment Processor.  

Please note:  If you are having issues with your web browser, please follow the instructions found on our Web Browser Help page.  Visual instructions on making online payments can be viewed here.

  • E-check - This is the preferred payment method of most of our students. This is an Electronic Check/Automated Clearing House [ACH] debit from a checking or savings account - not a debit card payment.  You must have your bank account number and routing number readily available.  Check with your bank if you are not sure if you should include preceding zeros.  We also encourage this if using a money market account or line of credit.  They may require you to select checking OR savings - we cannot advise on that.  The funds will be requested and debited within 1‐3 business days.  While this option is a free payment option, we do have a Return Check Fee of $40.00 if the bank cannot locate your account (digits in wrong order or missing, choosing checking instead of savings or vice versa, as this process is completely automated and your bank will not be able to look for your account or assist in this processing) or if there are insufficient funds to cover the request.  We encourage you to enter these bank figures very carefully.
  • Debit Card - Pay online with a debit card.  There are no added fees for this payment method.
  • Credit Card - Pay online with a credit card using a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express card.  These transactions can only be processed through your MyClarion account.  We cannot accept credit cards over the phone or in person.  A nonrefundable convenience fee is assessed and retained by the credit card processor.  Information about the convenience fee can be found here.
  • Parent/Guest Online Payments - Parents and guests must first be authorized by students to use the above mentioned online payment options.  Students can complete this authorization online via their MyClarion account.  If you’re already an authorized user, you may access the secure CUPay portal here.  Please note:  This site is for authorized payers only.  Students wishing to make payments on their account should access their payment center through their MyClarion Student Center.


other payment options

Students may also pay their Clarion account balance with the following payment options:

  • Payments By Mail - Please make sure to include the student's Clarion ID number in the check's memo field and the invoice stub found at the bottom of the invoice, if available.  Check payments may be made payable to Clarion University and mailed to:  

   Clarion University
   Student Financial Services
   840 Wood St.
   Clarion, PA 16214 


Returned Payments

In the event your payment is returned unpaid for any reason, a $40 Return Check Fee will be added to your MyClarion student account and a registration hold will be placed on the account until repayment is received.  Repayment should be made with a certified check or money order. Please include a copy of the notification you receive, make the check payable to Clarion University, and mail to:

Clarion University
Student Financial Services
840 Wood Street
Clarion, PA 16214

At the discretion of the university, if an account has more than two returned paper checks or electronic checks, payments will need to be made in the following manner: 

  • Online:   Debit or credit (convenience fee applies to credit)
  • Mail:  Certified check or money order
  • In person:  Certified check, money order, cash or debit


Fee Waivers for Students Assigned to an Internship, EXternship, Student Teaching, or Similar Program

Students assigned to an internship, externship, student teaching, or similar program outside of a 50-mile radius of the Clarion Campus may be exempt from the Student Center and Recreation Center fees and are only required to pay one-half of the Student Activity fee.  Google Maps will be used to calculate the most direct route from 840 Wood Street, Clarion, PA 16214, to the address of the placement.  The student must notify the Student Financial Services office by completing the 50 Mile Exemption Form and submitting it from their official Clarion University email account ( to receive the appropriate reduction of their fees. 


using fta/eap federal tuition assistance 

Review GoArmyEd, Virtual Education Centers (Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard) for basic information and instructions on how to apply.  All FTA applications are processed at the unit level.  Contact your chain of command to determine who is the correct POC (this is typically the Readiness/Retention NCO).  Tuition/fees not covered by TA are the responsibility of the student and are due by the date indicated on the student invoice.

All approved TA Authorization Forms should be submitted to Clarion University, attn.: Sharon Bauer

  • Fax (814) 393-2520
  • E-Mail
  • Deliver to 114 Becht Hall – Becht Hall Lobby

For additional information, please refer to these detailed instructions.

For information about financial aid, please refer to the Veterans section of our Financial Aid Eligibility webpage.

Last Updated 4/26/22