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If your questions is not answered here, you can submit your questions to the Coronavirus question form.

March 21, 2020

Good morning,

I want to say thank you to everyone for mobilizing so quickly this past week. Working remotely will present some challenges, but I know that we will persevere and keep our Clarion moving.

While we have no known or suspected cases of coronavirus in our area, we need to remain vigilant. We are following Pennsylvania Department of Health protocol, as well as guidance from the Pennsylvania Governor’s Office and our own State System. Our coronavirus webpage is updated regularly and includes health department guidance
on what to do if you or a family member is not feeling well. If you feel that you or a loved one has had possible exposure to coronavirus (COVID-19), you can find some helpful information here.

Even though most students and employees are connected remotely, you should still follow good social distancing strategies. We will continue to keep you updated on a regular basis, and immediately if our situation changes. Keep posting questions on the website, check for updates, stay connected and stay healthy!

Dr. Dale

Q: Do I need to put in leave request if I am on paid administrative leave?

A: No.  The university may grant Administrative Leave to employees who cannot work remotely.  If you are on paid administrative leave you do not need to enter time into the PASSHE Portal

Q: When can I begin to work remotely?

A: As soon as you complete telecommuting form and return it directly to Ann Hargenrader in Human Resources you may begin.  If you have technology needs, the Technology Data Request Form on the web must be completed.  This will allow computing services to engage with you on securing any necessary support. If for health reasons, family reasons, or other personal concerns you would prefer to expedite your technology set up please contact Tim Fogarty at tfogarty@clarion.edu.  All employees approved to work remotely should be doing so no later than Monday March 23, 2020.

Q: How much lead time will I be given when normal operations resume?

A: We will provide continual updates on our web page.  Once we know that normal operations are resuming we will update the webpage and send emails to notify employees of a return to work date.

Q: I forgot something in my office, can I come back and get it?

A: We are responding to an international health crisis and prefer that you don’t.  If you need to come back to campus (and are not required to work on campus fully or partially) review with your supervisor before you come back to campus.

Q: Why do some rooms have signs indicating they were disinfected and the date?

A: The university custodial staff is doing heavy cleaning of areas that are unoccupied now, such as, but not limited to, classrooms. When the work is completed, a notice is posted on the door indicating it has been cleaned the room as been cleaned and the date the cleaning was completed.  The door to the room will then be locked to ensure the space remains clean until normal operations resume.

Student Payroll

Student workers should enter hours worked through March 16, into the student payroll system. After March 16, the human resources office will use the average weekly hours worked by each student to pay them for remaining pay periods. Departments/timekeepers should not attempt to determine an average and enter that into the system.

Last Updated 3/21/20