Meet Our Staff

Center for Wellness Staff

Jim McGee  | Director of Center for Wellness

 Terry Ronyak | Clerical Typist

 Stephani Sprankle | Clerical Typist  

 Nicole Carroll  | Physician

 Lynn Mason | Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner 

 Gretchen Bishop | Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner 

 Gretchen McCord-Wolbert | Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner 

 Carol Garbarino-Bauer | Registered Nurse

Jackie WalneyRegistered Nurse

 Tana Davidson | Registered Nurse 

 Christie Bonner | Registered Nurse

Gina Thurston | Registered Nurse

Peggy Graham | Registered Nurse

 Jennifer Barch  | Counseling Services Clinical Supervisor 

 Lauren Haag Counselor

 Briana Steele | Counselor

 Thomas Crissman Student Support Assistant

 Meredith Karg | Student Support Assistant

 Stephan Brooks | Coordinator of Health Promotions


Last Updated 3/4/20