Campus and Community Bus Schedule

Campus and Community Bus Transportation

The Clarion Students' Association student activity fee funding provides public transportation services through ATA to the students of Clarion University as well as community members.  Student transportation is free with their Clarion University ID and community members can ride for the low fare of $1.25 per trip.  There are two designated routes; a campus loop which services students attending classes and campus activities with stops at Reinhard Village, College Park, and Eagle Park with other designated campus stops for the convenience of our students.  Additionally a community loop provides services to the Walmart Plaza, Clarion Mall, Clarion Hospital, The Clarion YMCA,  and various downtown locations.

Review the complete bus schedule for more information.  Questions should be addressed to the ATA customer service line at 1-866-282-4968 or on the web at


CSA will offer round trip transportation home during three (3) major semester breaks for Clarion University students who live in the Harrisburg, King of Prussia, and Philadelphia Regions based upon the number of students needed to fill the bus.  Round trip fare is $90 and a one-way ticket is $50.  Students will be able to sign up in the CSA office beginning November 1st for the Thanksgiving bus, December 1st for the semester break bus, and two (2) weeks prior to the start of break for the winter holiday break bus.  Seats are limited and payment must be made in full when students sign up.  Information regarding baggage restrictions and other rules and regulations can be found by clicking here. This form will be updated periodically as schedules become solidified.


CSA offers for use one (1) seven (7)passenger van and one (1) twelve (12) passenger van located on the Clarion campus and one (1) seven (7) passenger van located at the Venango Campus in Oil City.  The current rate to use the 7-passenger vans is 75 cents per mile, with a minimum fee of $37.50, which includes gasoline.  The current rate to use the 12-passenger van is $1.00 per mile, with a minimum fee of $50.00.  The vans can be driven by students as members of  CSA or faculty and staff of Clarion University.  Organizations which are funded through CSA can utilize their budgets for approved travel and will be issued a statement of billed activity monthly, or their CSA self support funds for trips not approved through the funding process. Self support balances will be encumbered prior to travel and a statement will be provided at the end of the month.    Organizations, groups, or individuals not funded through CSA will be billed independently to the department designated.  If no department designation is given,  those utilizing the vans will be asked to remit the estimated mileage fee in advance of travel.  The vans are scheduled on a first come first served basis.  CSA reserves the right to bump organizations if an emergency occurs and the vans are required to meet that need.  CSA encourages groups and organizations to schedule the vans as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment.  For more information on rules and regulations regarding CSA van usage click here.
Driver Insurance Form click here.
Vehicle Use Trip Waiver Form click here.
Use of Gas Card Instructions click here.

Last Updated 3/4/20