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The open comment period is now open | Press release - 4/28/21

The voices of our campus community continue to be essential. You are encouraged to share your comments via online web form, email, mail and at public hearing June 9 and 10. Details on these options and other information about the Western Integration are available on PASSHE's Public Comment webpage.

This is an exciting time for our Clarion University community. We are in in the midst of a project that considers integration with California and Edinboro universities – two schools that also have a rich heritage here in western Pennsylvania.

The goal is to create new opportunities for students, including a wider variety of academic programs, and to hold down the cost of higher education for students at all three campuses.

What is ‘university integration’?

Each campus will keep its own name and identity as Cal U, Clarion and Edinboro combine their strengths to offer every student a richer academic experience.

Imagine giving students more choices – more chances to take specialized electives within their major, to add minors that enhance the value of a degree, or to study with an expert professor who happens to be on another campus.

Campus life will be vibrant, whether a student chooses to live in a residence hall or commute from home to California, Clarion or Edinboro. Student clubs and organizations, leadership and service opportunities, even late-night pizza parties will still be part of the traditional college experience.

Integration also benefits students – including working adults – who prefer online learning. Our universities are longtime leaders in online education. Together, we’re building an even more robust online operation to meet the needs of Pennsylvania’s students and employers.

Imagine letting students choose the campus experience that suits them best. Or offering them an online degree or certificate from a real bricks-and-mortar university with deep Pennsylvania roots.

Students win when their university is financially strong. University integration is designed to create efficiencies that can make higher education more affordable for families across Pennsylvania and beyond.

Plans call for one leadership team, a single faculty and staff, a unified program array and a single, combined budget. Our universities will save money by working together – and those savings will be re-invested in ways that benefit our students. That could mean new courses, new equipment, expanded student services and holding down or, in some cases, lowering costs.

Whether you learn, live or work at Clarion, you’ll be part of a university that’s planning to be bigger and better. A university designed to empower all students to build the successful life they envision.

Imagine being part of a new university – one that’s not only affordable, but boldly focused on meeting students’ needs, now and in the future.

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The integration of Cal U, Clarion and Edinboro universities is part of System Redesign,  an ongoing effort to reshape Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education.

Our University Integration plan is in its early stages, and there are still many unknowns. Learn more at the State System’s University Integrations website, where you can leave feedback, read answers to Frequently Asked Questions and explore other resources.

View our Integration Frequently Asked Questions webpage.

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