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TRiO Services

The PennWest Clarion TRiO Student Support Services program offers a wide variety of services to students including advising, tutoring, financial literacy, financial aid instruction, scholarship assistance, and graduate school information.


TRiO SSS offers advising services to students who are enrolled in the program.  With three academic counselors on staff, students are encouraged to schedule and attend regular advising meetings with their appointed TRiO advisor.  Our advisors wear a variety of hats, with the ability to advise in course selection, financial literacy, career selection and professional mentoring. While these services are all provided, in general, on the PennWest Clarion campus, being a TRiO student allows for an extra layer of contact and advisement from our academic counselors!



While PennWest Clarion offers a wide variety of services within their Testing and Tutoring Center, the TRiO Student Support Services program is able to offer additional services to supplement those. The TRiO/SSS program is able to offer tutoring services right from week one of classes. We prepare for this during the summer so that we are able to offer our students tutoring from the very first day of classes. There is no need to wait until after the first quiz or the first exam to reach out for help!  We also do our best to accommodate all subject areas. Using our academic counselors and peer mentors, we are able to offer help in almost every area of study. If we are not able to provide the services within our department, we will reach out to utilize other resources on campus to help our students receive the help that they are looking for!


    Last Updated 2/20/23