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mission statement

The Center for Access, Success and Achievement values your success!

Our mission is to assist students towards success.  The center will be operating with the mindset of transformative experiences in support of your success by creating opportunities to meet your needs.  We will partner with you to address your individual needs and unique goals, utilizing a student-centered approach with an emphasis on academic achievement and student development.  The idea is to help you explore, discover and succeed!


  • Conceptual - Ideas and theories that CASA must understand to support effectively the needs of each student.
  • Informational - CUP's curricula, policies, procedures, and resources.
  • Relational - Skills that enable CASA to build relationships with students.

Core Values

  • Engagement - by focusing first on student success through collaborative learning, individualized attention, and a supportive environment.
  • Integrity - by working each day guided by standards of excellence to meet the needs of our students and the missions of the Clarion University and the Department for Academic Success.
  • Respect - by treating students with compassion and dignity, celebrating our diversity and encouraging trusting relationships.
  • Collaboration - by working together to provide comprehensive and coordinated services to promote our students' success.
Tutoring/Learning Skills

We support all students, including those who may experience some form of academic difficulty with specific academic subjects and/or their basic learning skills. The prime objective of the Learning Skills Lab is to provide students with instruction in basic learning skills to become independent learners. The Tutorial Center provides supplemental aid to classroom instruction in the content areas.

Contact: Mr. Ron Radaker, 311 Becht Hall, Ext. 1877

Writing Center

The Writing Center, located in 312 Becht, helps writers who value response as a way to improve their writing. We will help you at every stage of writing--planning, drafting, revising. Contact the Writing Center directly on extension 2173.

Director: Dr. Christopher McCarrick, 107-A Davis Hall, ext, 2739

Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services are available to any student having a documented disability. The office of Disability Support Services provides the student with reasonable accommodations as documented through evaluations. Appropriate accommodations are individually based upon identified need. The coordinator meets with these students each semester to determine the effectiveness of the accommodation and to evaluate the need for any further services.

Contact: Mr. Ron Radaker, 311 Becht Hall, Ext. 1877

University Advising Services Center

UASC provides comprehensive academic advising for students and faculty. This office serves as the primary source for all undecided and liberal studies advisement. This office also provides drop-in advisement to all university students. Advising Services Center also serves as a resource for all faculty for professional development and answers to advising questions.

Contact: Mr. Joseph Croskey, 417 Becht Hall, Ext. 1879

Minority Student Services

Minority Student Services provides programs and opportunities for members of under-represented groups to share their cultures and experiences with each other and with members of other groups.

The office supports a number of initiatives and groups, including: Academic Excellence Program, the annual Minority Student Recognition Dinner, ASIA, Black Student Union, Building Bridges, Community Outreach Programs, Eastern/Western Alumni Program, Eyes on the Prize Mentoring Program, Hazardous (hip hop dance team), Leadership Institute, Men of Color Think Tank, MLK Series, UMOJA publication, Unity Night, and Women United.

Contact: Mr. Rogers Laugand, 412 Becht Hall, Ext. 2043

TRIO Student Support Services

TRIO Student Support Services provides an array of services which may include study skills assistance, academic advising, financial literacy training, and career and financial aid counseling. During the academic year, workshops and ongoing services, which focus on academic survival and learning-to-learn activities, are offered.

The services provided are individually designed and are based on the student's needs as identified by appropriate documentation and through discussions with the program staff. Students accepted into the program must meet eligibility requirements established by the institution and the United States Department of Education. These include:

  • Is a first-generation college student (neither parent has a baccalaureate degree)
  • Meets income guidelines as outlined by the United States Department of Education
  • Has a documented disability; and/or is in need of academic support services

Contact: Ms. Maria Aiello, 436 Becht Hall, Ext.1696

Educational Talent Search

ETS serves residents of Clarion, Jefferson and Venango Counties by providing assistance in secondary course selection; assistance in preparing for college entrance exams and completing applications for admission; information on financial aid programs and resources for locating scholarships; assistance in completing financial aid applications; connections to programs on economic literacy; career counseling and activities; exposure to campuses of higher education and cultural events; and guidance in secondary or post-secondary school reentry. Required to serve 835 participants annually, participants are selected based upon eligibility criteria established by the U.S. Department of Education.

Contact: Ms. Rhonda McMillen-Toth, 219 Ralston Hall, Ext. 2071

Upward Bound

Upward Bound encourages the acquisition of academic skills and motivation needed for success in high school, college and everyday life. The program, designed for selected high school students in grades 9-12, operates an academic year component and summer residential component for students from selected high schools in western Pennsylvania.

Contact: Ms. Rhonda McMillen-Toth, 219 Ralston Hall, Ext. 2071

Academic Improvement Plan

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