SPED PK-12 Certification Track

Special Education PK-12: It’s not what you think it is

It’s helping students become more than they ever thought they could or were told they would be.

Did you know that PA changed things?

Special Education is now a “stand alone” certification and Clarion has the degree. Meaning you can focus completely on how to teach and accelerate the learning of all students in grades PK-12.

A lot of colleges weren't ready for the change. But Clarion was ready the whole time! We are currently one of the few universities in the state approved to offer the new PK-12 program.

When the state came out with new guidelines for a PK-12 certification, we didn’t have to adjust much. We’ve been preparing special education teachers for years. We know what makes a great teacher—so our program was ready.

What we do works. And our graduates are sought after.

Don’t just get certified. Get prepared.

Our graduates are sought after because they leave with a unique set of skills that allows them to help others be successful.


You will use the science of how students learn to choose the right strategies for teaching all students. An Explicit Instruction approach will arm you with the tools to teach students the skills they need and accelerate the learning of those who struggle to keep up with their peers.


You will use evidence-based approaches to aid in modifying behaviors. Applied Behavior Analysis is a proven approach to aid students with even the most challenging behaviors.


You will not only hear about the assessments used in identifying and monitoring students, you will give them.

You will have dedicated field experiences with students having a range of disabling conditions so that you are comfortably prepared to meet the needs of any student regardless of disability.


You will gain specific knowledge in how to teach math and reading — the two areas most students struggle in and the two areas most important for student success.

Focused coursework in phonics, ABA, gifted, assessment, behavior disorders, assistive technology...it’s a program that goes well beyond the norm.

Where most programs give you a glimpse of the discipline, we provide you with the deep, essential understandings that allow you to stand out from the others..

There are so many additional opportunities for learning that will increase your knowledge and your employability.

  • Autism Endorsement
  • CLM Courses
  • BCaBA
  • Gifted Endorsement
  • Intervention Specialist
  • Accelerated BA to MS

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Last Updated 7/1/20