Cheri Aharrah Reid Memorial Scholarship

This endowed scholarship established by Dr. Ernest ('49) and Mrs. Peggy (Behringer '49) Aharrah in memory of their daughter. Its purpose is to assist incoming freshman theatre students in the Department of Theatre. The recipient will be selected on the basis of high school and/or community theatre activities deemed worthy of merit.

Clarence and Janet Lesser Scholarships

The Lesser Trust Fund provides scholarships to successful students in the areas of theatre, art, music, and athletics. High school students who have exhibited high interest and achievement in these areas are urged to apply. Application for consideration needs to be submitted prior to April 1. Selection is based upon talent, academic promise, and leadership potential. Awards may be continued in subsequent years at the discretion of the selection committee, subject to the availability of funds. Contact the Financial Aid Office at 814-393-2315 for additional information.

Mary Louise Pope Theater Award

This award will be given to the freshman, junior, or senior who has demonstrated outstanding leadership skills in the following areas - performance/technical theater, support of productions, service to the Department of Theater. Selection is made by the Department of Theater faculty after the last production of the season is completed. Consult with Theater Department for further details.

Fred L. and June McCall Burns & Family Scholarship

This sophomore year scholarship established by Dr. Max H. Burns in honor of his parents Fred and June McCall Burns. Current student must be seeking a degree in music, drama or mathematics or in the education fields of music, drama or mathematics, and possess excellent grades at Clarion. Contact the scholarship administrator in the Admissions Office for additional information. Deadline for consideration is March 17.

Daniel Pruehs Award for Outstanding Freshman

This scholarship is awarded to a first year theatre major for excellence by nomination of the faculty.

Daniel Pruehs Award for Musical Theatre

This scholarship is awarded to that student who, in the opinion of the faculty, has made significant contributions to musical theatre at Clarion University during that year.

Silver Fox Award for Comedy

This scholarship is awarded to that student who, in the opinion of the faculty, has given a standout comedic performance.

Robert Copeland Fellowship

This scholarship is awarded to a BFA in their junior year to provide for preparation to transition to a professional career. Students must apply for this award during their junior year.

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