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2020-21 University Theatre Season


Hate Mail  HATE MAIL - a comedy, By Bill Corbett & Kira Obolensky

Hate Mail, a comedy, By Bill Corbett & Kira Obolensky it all begins with a caustic complaint letter, escalating into a vicious epistolary blood-letting. Passion, mystery and wild swings of fortune follow spoiled rich kid Preston and angst-filled artist Dahlia as they sway from hate to love, and then back again through their letters, email and sticky notes left on the refrigerator. (contains adult language)

Clarion University Theatre - available; Streaming- On Demand

Oct. 7  through 11, 2020

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  The Marowitz Hamlet

The Marowitz Hamlet by Charles Marowitz

Credits for The Marowitz Hamlet

The Marowitz Hamlet, by Charles Marowitz is a Hamlet "collage." All the text comes from Shakespeare's play, but the lines have been cut up and rearranged, assigned to different characters, or given a completely new context. Marowitz asks us to imagine that Shakespeare's masterpiece is a "precious old vase" that has fallen and shattered into 1,000 pieces, then glued back together in a different way. By removing the narrative, the story, from Hamlet we can become more acutely aware of the plays "essences." Our production, rehearsed entirely remotely and presented on Zoom, takes that notion a step further. In the absence of any traditional theatrical staging, all that remains is an intimate experience of Shakespeare's language and, of course, the human face.

Clarion University Theatre - available: Streaming- On Demand
Nov. 18 through 22, 2020 

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An Iliad    AN ILIAD by Lisa Peterson and Denis O'Hare

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AN ILIAD, by Lisa Peterson and Denis O'Hare is a modern-day retelling of Homer's classic. Poetry and humor, the ancient tale of the Trojan War and the modern world collide in this captivating theatrical experience.

Clarion University Theatre - available: Streaming- On Demand

March 3 through 7, 2021

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Inside Voices   

Inside Voices: A collection of  five new plays in one hour.

Inside Voices: A collection of five new plays in one hour.  Hey Stranger by Steph Del Rosso, Boredom, Fear, and Wine by Craig Pospisil, Looking Back by Arlene Hutton, and two monologues by John Patrick Shanley (author of Doubt): Drive, and Lockdown.

Clarion University Theatre - available: Streaming- On Demand

April 21 through 25, 2021

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