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The multi-disciplinary Social Sciences Department houses majors, minors, and programs in Anthropology, Economics, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology and Social Work.


Office is located - 313 Founders Hall                               Open - 8 am - 4 pm
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Anthropology is composed of four traditionally recognized subfields: anthropological archaeology, biological anthropology, socio-cultural anthropology, and linguistic anthropology. The mission of the Anthropology program at Clarion University is to provide students with training in all four sub-disciplines. The program is linked to several other departments on campus, allowing students to pursue a range of interests. The program, through its cross-disciplinary curriculum and its emphasis on practical training, prepares students for a broad array of both public and private sector employment in anthropology related fields or for entrance into graduate school.

     Degrees offered:

    Career and Graduate School Opportunities
    Undergraduate Research Opportunities
    Archaeological Field School
    Anthropology Club

Anthropology Faculty:  Dr. Matthew Rhode



Office is located -  313 Founders Hall                            Open - 8 am - 4 pm
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Clarion University's economics programs equip graduates with the tools needed to adjust and advance in a continually changing world. Studies in economics emphasize using economic principles to solve business problems. Economics faculty provide opportunities for students to develop the ability for abstract thinking and quantitative reasoning in addition to a practical working knowledge of economics. 

Degrees offered:

Career and Graduate Opportunities
Research and Internship Experiences
Undergraduate Opportunities
UN Winter 2020 Course
Model UN meetings

Economics Faculty: Dr.Paul Woodburne
Dr. Rod Raehsler
Dr. Sandra Trejos

Office is located - 313 Founders Hall                                                   Open - 8 am - 4 pm
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History studies the human past. History studies the causes and effects of change through an examination of social, political, economic, cultural, and intellectual developments. The department's goal is to help students view issues from a variety of perspectives. To assure breadth and depth, the history faculty offer courses in areas that span the globe. The curriculum of the History major combines both breadth and depth. Each History major takes survey coursework in US History, European History, and Non-Western History and then upper-division courses in focused areas. A special feature of the History curriculum are two Writing Intensive Methods seminars: History 298 (Historical Methods) where students learn the tools of conducting research and building an extended historical argument and Hist. 410 (Historiography) where students learn the values of the discipline and how the writing of History has changed over time.

     Degrees offered:

Careers and Graduate Opportunities
History Club
Phi Alpha Theta
Research and Internships

History Faculty:     Dr. Jeffrey Diamond
                                   Dr. Marc Sanko
                                   Dr. Martha Robinson



Office is located - 313 Founders Hall                                          Open - 8 am - 4 pm
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Political Science major provides students with the tools necessary to understand the range of factors shaping the local, national and global environments in which we live, to think critically and independently concerning pressing political issues. It also allows students to come to critically reasoned conclusions as to how we can organize the life we share with our fellow citizens and millions of people around the world.

     Degrees offered:

 Cooperative Education Internship Programs  -  If you are seeking valuable skills, experiences, and connections that may one day help you land a job, the following co-ops and internships may be of interest to you.

COOP 302: Co-op/Political Science
COOP 402: Intern/Political Science
The Harrisburg Internship Semester (THIS)
The Capital Experience
Embassy and Diplomatic Scholars Internship
The Washington Center for Internships

Club & Organizations
 Political Science Faculty: 
Dr. Barry Sweet - Chair of Social Science Department
                                                  Dr. Kevan Yenerall

Support Clarion students at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions as they complete fieldwork with political parties, media, labor unions, convention committees and issue advocacy groups! Past placements include the Pennsylvania Democratic and Republican Parties, Dallas Morning News, CNN, PBS, Fox, and the National Education Association, among myriad major political and media organizations.

Your donation defrays the substantial student costs to attend world-renowned DNC and RNC academic seminars — and supports our students’ political participation, media literacy and civic engagement at the 2020 Democratic or Republican National Convention seminars in Milwaukee and Charlotte -- where they will earn academic credit for Dr. Yenerall’s political science course, PS 330: The National Convention Experience. 

Since 2004, over 40 Clarion students have made history and earned academic credit at the DNC and RNC academic seminars. Please keep this dream alive for the next generation of student leaders with a generous donation today!

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Office is located - 313 Founders Hall                                           Open - 8 am - 4 pm
Phone number  +1 814 393 2357                                                  Fax  +1 814 393 2550

badgeSociology provides students with an understanding of the social causes and consequences of human behavior. Students are encouraged to explore their own position in and relationship to society as well as consider relevant social problems and inequalities in interpersonal, institutional and global relations. We strive to prepare graduates to become engaged citizens in an increasingly knowledge-intensive and diverse world. Sociology offers undergraduate majors in sociology and sociology/psychology as well as minors in sociology, social work and gerontology.

     Degrees offered:


Sociology Faculty:  Dr. Catherine Petrissans            Social Work Faculty:  Ms. Sharon Juli (WEB)
                                    Dr.  Jeffrey Tienes                                                                 Ms. Brenda Manno
                                    Dr. Jane Walsh                         



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Stephen Hartley

 "Philosophy helped me train the mental skills I needed– like critical thinking, logic and argumentation – that I would need for all of the practices of law." 

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State Rep. Donna Oberlander

 "As Policy Committee chairman, I'll be at the forefront of developing policies for a number of issues important to people across the state and especially here in the 63rd District,"


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"Kaylar Moser is a rising junior at Clarion University, majoring in political science and minoring in French and history."


Lauren Titley

"I would certainly say that the faculty at Clarion University were key to my success today."

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