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Department of Chemistry, Mathematics, & Physics


Office is located - 189 Science & Technology Center (STC)                    Open - 8 am - 4 pm
Phone number  814 393 2281                                                                     Fax  814 393 2004

Chemistry is the study of the properties and behavior of matter, which provides an important understanding of our world and how it works.  A chemistry degree is a powerful springboard which can launch you into a fascinating and rewarding career.  A bachelor's-level graduate in chemistry is able to assume a variety of positions in industry, government, or academia.  Students can elect to complete a B.S. with a major in chemistry, or a more extensive major resulting in a B.S. in chemistry certified by the American Chemical Society.  Other options available to students include certification to teach secondary school chemistry, a cooperative program in chemical engineering, a B.S. in chemistry with a business minor, and a minor in chemistry.

The Clarion University chemistry curriculum, approved by the Committee on Professional Training of the American Chemical Society, provides a strong foundation for further studies at the graduate level or a career in the chemical industry.  The program provides students with a rigorous introduction to the fields of chemistry and biochemistry. The curriculum emphasizes experience with modern chemical instrumentation, current developments in chemistry, independent chemical research, and professional growth.

The department is small, which allows for a personal, caring atmosphere and an environment that encourages both intellectual growth and academic achievement.

Chemistry also offers a cooperative chemical engineering program, a program in secondary education, a pre-pharmacy, and a pre-medicine program.

     Degrees offered:

CHEMISTRY FACULTY:    Dr. Daniel Clark                       Dr. Joyce Overly
Dr. Jacqueline Knaust             Dr. Ambreena Siddiq
                                             Dr. Eric Lewis                           Dr. Jonathan Touster
                                             Dr. Amanda Lockwood



Office is located - 189 Science & Technology Center (STC)         Open - 8 am - 4 pm
Phone number  814 393 2592                                                          Fax   814 393 2735

The world is shaped by math from basic addition at the checkout counter to advanced equations in engineering plans. And the future is bright for those who wish to gain a degree in Mathematics at Clarion University.

     Degrees offered:

Mathematics Placement - Incoming students at Clarion are placed into their first college mathematics course based on the recommendation of the ALEKS Mathematics Assessment Exam.  More information can be found here.

Cooperative Engineering  - The Bachelor's of Science in Engineering is a Cooperative three/two program.  Typically students spend their first three years at Clarion completing their required general education, mathematics, and physics courses.  The students then transfer to a cooperating engineering school (like the University of Pittsburgh) for the final two years to complete their required engineering courses.


MATH FACULTY:    Dr. Jon Beal                                                  Dr. Dana Madison
                                   Dr. Dipendra Bhattacharya                      Dr. Marcella McConnell
                                   Dr. Carey Childers                                      Dr. Michael McConnell
                                   Dr. Duane Farnsworth                              Dr. Kate Overmoyer
                                   Dr. Stepehen Gendler                               Dr. Adam Roberts
                                   Dr. David Hipfel                                          Dr. Daniel Shifflet
                                   Ms. Beth Jackson                                       
                                   Dr. Stephen Johnson                                         


Office is located - 189 Science & Technology Center (STC)                  Open - 8 am - 4 pm
Phone number  814 393 2571                                                                   Fax    814 393 2735

Today's world is changeable.  Most people change jobs, even careers, at least half a dozen times during their lives.  It is increasingly important that you graduate with a toolbox that enables you to do many different things.  With a degree in physics, you demonstrate that you are armed with logic, critical thinking, and sharp cognitive ability, all skills that potential employers value enormously.   At Clarion University, you will learn to think creatively, use mathematics and the scientific method of investigation to study the world we live in, and learn to effectively communicate your ideas.

     Degrees offered:

The physics department supports many degree options using state-of-the-art facilities including telescopes and research-grade microscopes. Students will be given the opportunity to conduct research with faculty in fully-equipped laboratories.

Besides the Physics Department office and standard classrooms, we also offer

  • a study area for physics students
  • a Computer-Based Teaching Laboratory for introductory physics
  • an upper-level laboratories in electronics, microscopy and nanotechnology
  • an upper-level laboratory for students
  • a machine shop, and several stockrooms
  • a state-of-the-art planetarium
  • an upper-level research lab in plasma physics
  • a computer laboratory for astrophysics  

Scholarships & Grants


PHYSICS FACULTY:   Dr. Vasudeva Aravind
                                      Mr. William Guth
                                      Ms. Poornima Krishnamurthy
                                      Dr. Chunfei Li
                                      Dr. Sharon Montgomery


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Dr. Chunfei Li

Dr. Chunfei Li has had more than 100 papers published in peer-reviewed journals, and he has received six National Science Foundation grants – four of which Li received while teaching at Clarion University.


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Alex Francette

 Alex Francette is a 2018 Clarion University graduate with majors in molecular biology/biotechnology and biochemistry. His passion for the field of biology was inflamed during high school as a result of enrollment into a dual-education undergraduate biology course.

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