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As a communications major you will the opportunity to engage in what we like to call high-impact learning and transformational education through personal application.  What does this mean?  It means that you have a lot of opportunities to gain hands-on, real-world experience.  

We strongly encourage you to work in at least one of our student media organizations.  You will be able to:

  • participate in leadership development opportunities 
  • get involved in student clubs and activities
  • compete for leadership positions in campus associations

Internship directors and employers have consistently praised our students and graduates for their savvy abilities to practice advanced skills that are vital to success in a highly competitive field.  The combination of knowledge gained through coursework, practical applications through co-curricular activities, and insights gained from working with professionals through various opportunities makes our students top in the field.

Eagle Media Productions

Eagle Media Productions is a student-run digital media production house located in Becker Hall.
eagle media productions logo

Here, you can gain:

  • para-professional experience in video and audio production
  • copy writing
  • graphic design
  • advertising
  • public relations
  • organizational leadership

Learn how a production house operates by working as a:

  • volunteer
  • department manager
  • paid staff member
  • independent contractor

Eagle Media Productions also supports television and radio broadcast programming for the Department of Communication, covering news, campus and community events, sports, and variety shows. If you are interested in pursuing independent career paths after graduation, Eagle Media also serves as a small-business incubator. This organization is open to all majors.

Dr. Myrna Kuehn
Dr. Scott Kuehn
Dr. Lacey Fulton
+1 814 393 2245

The Clarion CAll

The Clarion Call is a student-run newspaper and a recognized student organization.  The newspaper publishes 12 issues per semester.  The Clarion Call features both print and online versions and operates as a business with editorial, advertising and circulation departments.  The print version is produced Wednesdays and published Thursdays. Guided by a 13-member editorial board, the newspaper features:
  • writers
  • photographers
  • advertising and circulation representatives
  • online bloggers
  • videographers
Membership is open to all students. If you are interested in joining you can stop by the newspaper office at 270 Gemmell Student Complex, Wednesday nights at 6 p.m. Editorial Board meetings are held on Thursday nights.


The Department of Communication's television station produces a live newscasts and covers university sporting events, local government and other community activities. Well-equipped facilities provide you with the opportunity to gain professional experience on both sides of the camera. CU-TV airs Monday through Friday. Here, you can work as a crew member on any of the weeknight programs including remote sports and remote broadcasts, and on-air talent.

You can:

  • host sports shows
  • produce commercials
  • work as news reporters
  • serve as anchors for news, weather and sports
  • work in sales, public relations and operations

Advisor: Dr. Myrna Kuehn
+1 814 393 2286
CU-TV The Nest (Facebook)
CUTVthenest (YouTube)

WCUC-FM The clutch

This non-commercial student-operated radio station offers you hands-on learning opportunities much like those of a commercial radio station. WCUC-FM operates through a Scott System program that enables it to be on the air 24/7. DJ training every semester gives you the expertise you need to host your own shows.wcuc-fm the clutch logo

As a member of WCUC-FM you have the opportunity to:

  • provide local, regional and national news
  • cover university and community events
  • travel to sports events with university sports teams



Since non-commercial stations cannot sell advertising, WCUC-FM receives support in the form of underwriting through area businesses. Membership is open to all Clarion students. Students interested in joining are encouraged to do so at the beginning of the semester so they can be properly trained on the equipment. WCUC-FM is now available to stream online.

Advisor: Dr. Scott Kuehn
+1 814 393 2544
Online Radio
WCUC-FM Public File


Founded in 1968, PRSSA is a national organization sponsored by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

PRSSA members:

  • learn about careers in public relations from working professionalsprssa
  • travel to agencies and networking events
  • participate in national competitions and conferences

A Recognized Student Organization at Clarion, PRSSA is run by a four-member executive board of students. Membership is open to all students.

Advisor: Dr. Andrew Lingwall
+1 814 393 1882



aafAdFed Club is a national organization sponsored by the American Advertising Federation (AAF).

As a member you have the opportunity to:

  • visit professional organizations and connect with advertising executives
  • attend workshops and seminars
  • learn about internships and how to break into the field
  • learn about careers in advertising and promotion through experiential activities
  • create advertising and promotion for local clients
  • interact with working professionals
  • develop an annual promotional campaign and event to promote the Pittsburgh Pirates

Advisor: Dr. Naomi O' Neil
+1 814 393 2526


Clarion University's award-winning Debate Team participates in a range of tournaments across the northeastern United States. Several Clarion University debaters have earned national ranking. The Clarion team is the only one in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education to have qualified for the National Debate Tournament.

Advisor: Mr. James Lyle
+1 814 393 2476





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