CUmentor Success Stories

Jaymie Sheehan, ('17) - Mentee

jaymie-sheehanFrom the moment, I began my student career at Clarion the Center for Career and Professional Development, professors, and our alumni have been there to give me the support and advice that have helped shape me into the young professional I am today. From writing a resume as a freshman to accepting a job offer as a senior, they have helped me every step of the way.

Over the course of my 4 years at Clarion University I have taken advantage of almost every service offered by CCPD. I attended both the Professional Development Day and Speed Sessions and they've made all the difference. In one day, I learned more about searching for a job, negotiating a salary, and networking than I could have ever hoped to learn on my own.

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Kara knepp, ('15) - Mentee


The CUmentor program has been my greatest help in entering my career and I honestly have no idea where I would be, had I not had an incredible career mentor. The program has taught me the importance to have mentors in my life to talk to, both personally and professionally, and the importance of building a network and utilizing that network to your advantage. I'm unbelievably excited for what the future has in store for me and to have someone mentoring me along the way!

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Molly schultz, ('17) - Mentee

mollyschultzAs a mentee, you will be matched up with someone who truly wants to help you succeed in life and have a bright future, so it would be crazy for anyone to pass up an opportunity like this! The relationship that I have been able to form with my mentor has been truly incredible, and I can only hope that everyone participating in the CUmentor program will be able to have the same amazing experience that I had.

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megan yvorra, ('17) - Mentee

megan-yvorraI applied for an internship at the World Trade Centre in Dublin, and I was insanely nervous. The day before my interview I met with my mentor to ask him some questions. He gave me awesome interview tips and made me feel a lot more confident going into it.

With his help, I had a very successful interview. A week later, I found out that I got the position and that I am going to be spending my summer interning in Dublin! I really believe that my mentor played a huge part in this. If I hadn't met with him the day before, I would've been a nervous wreck, and I probably would not have done nearly as well.

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kyle mcwreath ('16) - Mentee

kyle-mcwreathThe CUmentor program was very instrumental in helping me manage this anxiety because it enabled me to build and maintain a relationship with a successful alum who was established in the same field I was seeking to enter. She was able to relate to my situation and offer insight into the job search process as well as what a day in the life of a professional entailed in the business world. She also provided insight on what she would have done differently during the process and offered advice on strategies that would optimize my job search process. I was able to employ the strategies that were offered and I believe this utilization made a tremendous difference in finding and accepting a great job opportunity.

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Glenn Brooks - Mentor

glenn-brooks-mentorDuring a recent college visit with my daughter, who will be attending Clarion in the fall, I had the opportunity to learn about the CUmentor program – and instantly, I was interested in getting involved. I'm not a Clarion alum, rather a down-to-earth-guy with many years of experience within the HR discipline - from recruiting to training and development.

I firmly believe this...everybody has something to give...the secret, as a leader, is to identify what that "thing" is – be it a monetary donation or shared moments of conversation – and just go out and do it! For me – perhaps mentoring is MY "thing". The time investment can be significant to a future generation.

Last Updated 5/16/18