Pre-Professional Programs

Welcome to Pre-Professional Studies at Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Pre-Professional Studies involves your university preparation for pursuing a career in many different health-related fields.  It is more than just course work and majors; it is the guiding and instructing of the student that wishes more to be more.

What are pre-professional studies?

Pre-professional Studies are overseen by the Pre-Professional Committee for the Healing Arts, which consists of representative faculty members from the Biology and Chemistry departments whose job it is to advise, mentor, and evaluate students preparing for a professional school in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, and podiatry.  We also prepare students for pharmacy, chiropractic, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or physician assistant programs and more.  The combined experience and the different insights and perspectives of many faculty mentors is a great advantage in preparing students for entering the professional school of their choice.  Students intending to proceed to a professional school will have one of the Pre-Professional Committee Members as their individual advisors as well.

The College has developed a well-earned reputation for providing access to sound preparation required for admission to professional schools in all medical sciences. Students who have taken advantage of available curricular and co-curricular preparation, the health professions advisory service and who have met the high standards required for professional school admissions are, as a group, highly successful in the completion of their training and entrance into the professions including medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, physical therapy, nursing, pharmacy, podiatry, public health and other allied health professions.

Our graduates have distinguished themselves across the country in private practice, clinical and basic research and academic medicine. All of the students accepted to medical schools have distinguished themselves academically as undergraduates. It is important to recognize that a successful application to medical school depends primarily upon the applicant's performance and potential as measured by grades and standardized test scores.  As early as the freshman year, students must develop and demonstrate to the faculty, their advisors, and the Pre-professional committee that they possess the academic ability and personal attributes that are desirable as a future health professional.

Committee members meet periodically with students to individualize their collegiate experience.  Topics discussed include: which courses are most appropriate for the students to enroll in, methods to best prepare for standardized tests, familiarization with the application process, and suggestions to improve their application portfolios.  The committee also prepares letters of evaluation to support students’ applications to professional schools.


We look forward to guiding you on your journey!

Last Updated 4/9/18