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CLEP® exam registration and payments must be made by test-takers online at Cost per exam is $89.

Please designate PennWest Clarion — Venango as your score recipient if you would like scores sent to PennWest Clarion, PennWest Clarion — Venango, or PennWest Clarion — Somerset.  PennWest Clarion — Venango is the location of the testing center and must be selected as the recipient site.  All credits earned will appear on your PennWest Clarion transcript regardless of your campus location.

CLEP is a way for you to receive college credit for what you already know. By earning qualifying scores on any one or more of the 36 CLEP exams, you can receive credit for the non-major classes. While you obtain credit rather than a letter grade, the cost is just a fraction of a traditional college course. Save yourself time and money by testing out of the non-major subjects that you already know.

Administration fee $20 made payable to PennWest Clarion

CLEP test are administered on select Fridays, at 9 a.m. in 311 Montgomery Hall 
PennWest Clarion, Venango 
1801 West First Street
Oil City, Pa. 16301

  • Jan. 20
  • Apr. 21
 Student information and responsibilities

*Students should discuss their intention to take a CLEP examination with their academic advisor in advance. A maximum of 60 credits may be earned through CLEP.

To schedule a CLEP exam, contact:

Kyle Vickers
+1 814-676-6591, ext. 1344.


  • Feb. 10
  • Mar. 10
  • May 19

Tests administered at 9 a.m.
311 Montgomery Hall
PennWest Clarion, Venango 
Oil City, Pa

You can view available tests and register at:

A list of tests, duration of exams, and cost are listed at:

Last Updated 1/9/23