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Clarion University Foundation, Inc

Give Now ButtonClarion University Foundation, Inc. organized in 1969, is a not-for-profit corporation and charitable organization of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Foundation is further described as a tax-exempt charity by section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

As reflected in its articles of incorporation, the Foundation was formed to "promote educational purposes in connection with or at the request of Clarion University." Designated by action of the University Council of Trustees, the Foundation is the organization designated to receive and manage private sector gifts provided for support of the activities and programs of the university. The operation of the Foundation, establishment of policies, acquisition of resources, stewardship of assets and management of endowment funds are directed by the Board of Directors of the Foundation and are carried out by the Foundation Staff.

The Foundation accepts gifts in many forms, including cash, in-kind gifts of property, securities, and insurance. In addition, the Foundation is able to assist in arrangements for acquiring long-term planned gifts. Sources of gifts include alumni, retirees, employees, parents, business, foundations, corporation and friends.

Last Updated 10/28/21