Time Management

In order to develop an effective time schedule, it is first necessary to determine how much time you have available and then decide how you are using it.

Analyze your actual time commitments by using the chart below as a guide. Remember to indicate how much time each activity actually takes you. When you have completed the chart, total the hours per week to discover your actual weekly time commitment.

Activitiy chart

Now that you have totaled your committed time per week, it is easy to see how much time you have left to study for your courses. There is a total of 168 hours in each week. Using the chart below, subtract your total committed time.

 168  hours in one week

-____ Hours of total committed time


______ Total hours available

Are you surprised to see how many hours per week you have left? Do you have enough time available for reading and studying to achieve the grades you want?

More than likely, you have much more time than you thought. Now, you can begin to manage your time and achieve the grades you want. Begin by plugging in some studying time during those hours in which nothing is scheduled. In between your classes is a great time to study. Head to the library for an hour or two to study instead of going back to your residence hall. Those 10 minutes that you waste each day waiting for class to begin is a prime time to review your notes for that class. Remember - 10 minutes per day every day reviewing your notes pays off. You will find that your study time will decrease when exam time comes around.

Last Updated 3/4/20