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American Chiropractic AssociationDoctors of Chiropractic (DCs) have a thorough understanding of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems - muscles, bones, and nerves - and focus their efforts on improving patient health and quality of life by manipulating or aligning various structures such as the spinal column and joints. Patients seeking chiropractic care most often suffer from neck/back pain, joint pain in the arms/shoulders/legs/hips, and headaches. DCs offer a hands-on, drug-free approach to patient care, and their responsibilities include examination, diagnosis, and treatment. While they do not prescribe medications or perform surgical procedures, they can and do refer patients for such services when necessary. With an emphasis on holistic health care, DCs are linked to the fields of complementary and alternative medicine, and as such some patients choose DCs as their primary care providers for medication and surgery-free treatment options.
Here at PennWest Clarion, we offer our students the ability to prepare for future careers as DCs by following a four-year course plan designed for them, in addition to working with members of our Pre-Professional Committee for the Healing Arts throughout their undergraduate training.
Recent graduates of PennWest Clarion have been accepted to the following Chiropractic programs:
Life University College of Chiropractic Logan Chiropractic
New York College of Chiropractic Sherman College of Chiropractic         


Typical Admission Requirements for Chiropractic Programs:

Required Coursework:
Biology w/Labs
General Chemistry w/Labs
Organic Chemistry w/Labs
Physics w/Labs
Social Sciences/Humanities
Recommended Coursework:
Anatomy and Physiology w/Labs
Sociology or Anthropology
Business, Communications, or Management
Program Requirements:
Minimum:  3.0
Entrance Exam
See Individual Program Requirements
Average Job Shadow Hours
See Individual Program Requirements


Typical Clarion Degree Programs Associated with Pre-Chiropractic Concentrations

While it is required to be awarded a four-year undergraduate degree, there is no specific degree associated for any chiropractic program admissions. Therefore, a student may seek any four year degree program as long as they obtained the required coursework listed above. However, below are the most common degree programs associated with a pre-chiropractic concentration. Click on the link to view a typical four year plan that schedules the degree as well as the chiropractic program requirements.
BS Biology BS Chemistry
BS Molecular Biology BA Sociology
BA Psychology BS Psychology




Professional Organizations

Common Application Service
The Chiropractic Centralized Application Service (ChiroCAS)
  • For participating schools only
  • Participating school list here:
For schools that do not participate in the ChiroCAS, apply directly to individual schools.
Entrance Exam (see individual program requirements):
Financial Aid Programs:
  • Application Service -- refer to the applicant school
  • MCAT
  • GRE
Additional Resources:






Last Updated 5/26/23