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Integrative Studies


B.S. Integrative Studies

Integrative studies is a multidisciplinary degree program. The Bachelor of Science in integrative studies is a major program designed to provide a structured program that encourages students to explore a diversity of academic skills and disciplines. It also seeks to be a liberal arts program for students who have not decided upon a specific school or major. It also is an option for students who have a desire to specialize in a combination of courses for which a dedicated major does not already exist. It is not necessary for students who enter the university undecided about a major to continue in integrative studies through graduation. Many students who begin in the integrative studies program develop interests that lead them to declare a specific major. Conversely, some students who have completed the core of a degree program opt for integrative studies when their career goals change. In order for students to pursue a dual degree or dual major with integrative studies as a baccalaureate student they must pursue a specific integrative studies concentration that does not duplicate their other degree or major. In the case of a post-baccalaureate student pursuing an integrative studies degree, he or she also must pursue a specific integrative studies concentration that does not in essence duplicate their existing degree. This program is offered at the Clarion campus and online.

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B.S. Integrative Studies: Science and Mathematics Concentration

The Bachelor of Science in Integrative Studies: Science and Mathematics concentration, is a multi-disciplinary degree program that provides you with a broad foundation in two or more scientific or mathematical disciplines, including biology, chemistry, geosciences, mathematics, and physics. Additional coursework is required to acquire complementary writing, technical or professional skillsets. Electives and advanced coursework allow the student flexibility to tailor their program of study based on their academic and career interests. This degree is intended for individuals pursuing careers in government or private industry as field or lab technicians. This program also will benefit students interested in business or government jobs where the ability to understand and communicate scientific and mathematical ideas is essential. This program is offered at the Clarion campus.

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