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Jay Stull

Jay StullHaving a degree in applied technology from Clarion University - Venango Campus has provided a clear path to advancement in my career. My resume was at the top of the list for my current job, and I am under consideration for supervisor positions after only two years. Earning a degree from an established university was a huge plus when many of the other applicants had trade school certificates. The classes that are taught at Clarion go above the typical skill set and provide the kind of things that today's employers look for.  I was able to hit the ground running and was not looked upon as a trainee, but as a respected member of the team from day one.


elizabeth paulin

Elizabeth PaulinClarion University has wonderful faculty and staff that are encouraging and supportive. My life changed when I met Kelly Ryan, assistant director for the Center for Leadership and Involvement. Kelly is the advisor to the organization, the Advisory Board for Leadership and Engagement (ABLE). She encouraged me to join and it has been the best decision I've made so far. I've worked my way up from a general member to VP of Finance and now I'm the President of ABLE. This organization, along with our lovely advisor, has given me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and get involved with the campus and community.

Last Updated 9/1/21