English Curriculum Changes

The English curriculum has undergone a major revision which includes changing the English course prefix from ENG to ENGL. Doing so has allowed for the consolidation and renumbering of our courses in a more coherent manner. The result, we feel, is a much more rational and user-friendly curriculum.

The structure of the B.A., B.S.E.D and Liberal Studies English and Writing degrees have changed as well. Incoming students beginning with the 2016-2017 academic year will enter the English curricula in the new system. For those students already in the system, you may remain on your current degree audit requirements/checksheet—although you are also free to switch to the new one if you have reason to prefer it.

If you would like to switch to the new requirements, you must fill out the Course Substitution and Waiver form on the Registrar's web page and complete the catalog year change section. However, since most of the courses you might expect to take from here on out are changing numbers (and sometimes titles as well), you do need to be aware of the changes we have made. That way you can finish out your remaining coursework with minimal confusion. Please work closely with your academic advisor in order to verify that the courses you take will apply to the degree.

The following documents should help you make the transition to the new system:

Also, any course descriptions can be found on the Catalog and Class Schedules page. NOTE: If you are logged into PeopleSoft in the same browser being used to access the course description link, the link will present an error. Please use a different browser to access this link.

Last Updated 3/6/20