Guidelines for Program Requirements

In order to best serve your programming needs, the Center for Career and Professional Development offers the following general guidelines. Please review them prior to completing the Program Request Form.

General Program Guidelines

  • Deadline:  Submit the Program Request Form at least three weeks prior to the desired date to facilitate staffing. Programs are not presented during the last week of classes or during finals week.

  • Times:  All programs requested for evening hours should begin no later than 7:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday, unless special arrangements are made with the presenter.  It is expected that programs will begin at the agreed-upon time. If the program is part of a class or student organization meeting, it should be scheduled at the beginning.  Programs are generally 30 to 60 minutes in length.

  • Roster: At least one week prior to the presentation email your class/organization roster to so we can verify student account registration on Handshake.   Handshake is the career management system used by the University to track a students' four year career development plan.

  • Recording:  Presentations may not be recorded unless prior approval has been obtained from the Director of the Career and Professional Development Center.

  • Reschedule:  The Career Development staff reserves the right to request changes to the program's date and time should scheduling difficulties occur.

Guidelines for Presentations to Classrooms 

The Center for Career and Professional Development offers services and resources which can be used to complement curriculum and support class assignments. Please contact us at least three weeks prior to making a career-related class project that involves the center to ensure that the Career Development staff is prepared to provide resources and assistance related to the assignment. 

  • Multiple sessions - Same Day: For a program to be repeated in the same day, please list the other times in the 'Notes' section of the Program Request Form.

  • Multiple sessions - Different Days:  For program to be presented over multiple days, please complete a separate Program Request form for each day.

  • Class Roster: At least one week prior to the presentation, email your class/organization roster so we can verify student account registration on Handshake.  the career management system used by the University to track a students' four year career development plan. 

  • Recording:  Presentations may not be recorded unless prior approval has been obtained from the Director of the Career Development Center. 

  • Resume Reviews:  Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Resume presentations can be customized to meet the needs of your class.  In most cases, to accommodate the number of resume reviews that are course assignments for the Basic Resume presentation, the classroom presentation must be held in a computer lab.  With advance notice, we can work with you to reserve the space.  If you are not going to assign a resume related project as a part of coursework or for extra credit then the resume program can be presented in a Smart Classroom setting.

  • Mock Interviews:  Basic (general questions) and Customized (career/position specific) Mock Interviews are offered by the Career Development Center.  Peer-to-peer, group and individual options are available. In most cases, the Basic Mock Interview is the individual experience for students participating in a classroom assignment or group mock interviews.

  • Career Events and Job Fairs:  Class attendance at career events and job fairs is also welcome with advance notice to ensure the event is appropriate for meeting your learning outcomes and so that we may prepare handouts.  Check the respective event web page for pre-registration information, if applicable.

  • Class Presentations by Employers/Alumni Mentors:  Many employers and Clarion alumni who recruit at Clarion are willing to give class presentations on topics that relate to your curriculum. Contact the Career Development Center, at 393-2323 or email if you are interested in having an employer speak to your classes.  Also, please let us know if you are bringing someone to campus to speak with your class or RSO so that support your efforts.

Steps for Requesting a Program

  • Complete the online Program Request Form at least three weeks prior to the desired date.  Upon submission, a notice indicating that the request was received will appear.

  • Career Development will review the request and then contact the person submitting the request to verify details for the program, including topic, customization, date, time, space (computer lab, Smart room) and equipment needs (laptop, projector, etc) participant information, and Career Connections account registration requirements.

  • At least one week prior to the event, Career Development will send an email confirmation regarding events details and presentation requirements.

Program Descriptions

  • Overview of the Services provided by the Center for Career and Professional Development
    This program provides information about our services, programs, and resources using a fun and interactive game.

  • Basic Resume Writing
    Using a computer lab, students will develop a rough draft of this job search document.

  • Intermediate Resume Writing
    During this hands-on workshop, students will gain greater insight regarding the sections of a quality resume and the content employers look for within these sections.

  • Advanced Application Process & Job Search Document Review Workshop
    In this interactive workshop students will learn the application and job search process from the employer point of view.  Through a mock hiring process students take on the role of an employer and must choose the best candidate after reviewing cover letters and resumes of a pool of applicants.  Prerequisite: students will be required to have a resume reviewed by the Career Development resume review team.

  • Business Dining Etiquette
    Learn about dining manners and social skills as they pertains to professional settings such as job interviews, meetings and conferences.  The requesting organization will be responsible for the cost of the meal.

  • Career Research
    This workshop covers how to research and gather information about major(s) and their potential careers.  It can be customized to meet the needs of your class or organization.

  • Effective Interviewing
    Learn about the interview process, types of interview questions, and how to prepare for and respond to interview questions.

  • Electronic Portfolio
    Using a computer lab, student will develop an electronic portfolio and learn how a well prepared and organized professional portfolio could be just the thing that sets you apart from other candidates.

  • Getting Experience
    Through this presentation, students will learn the various way of getting involved on campus and in their community and why career-related experiences are valued by employers.

  • Job Search 101
    Learn skills related for conducting a proactive job search, locating job search resources, using online job boards, and more!

  • How to Prepare for and Work a Job Fair
    Learn what to expect and how to prepare for a virtual or in person job fair.

  • LinkedIn
    Learn how to brand yourself, make networking connections and conduct a job search using this professional networking site.

  • Meeting Management 101
    Learn skills  to develop an agenda, take minutes, make proper motions, or run an effective meeting following Roberts Rules of Order.
  • Netiquette
    Learn skills to communicate professionally and appropriately online.

  • Professionalism Matters
    Learn skills to communicate and dress professionally and appropriately (elevator speech, proper handshake, introductions, attire)
  • Professionalism:  Effective Meetings 101
    Meeting management session topic options include basic parliamentary procedure, agenda development, recording minutes, working with committees, and by-law review.  Please indicate your session topic in the 'Notes' section of the Program Request Form.

  • Staff Trainings: Community Assistant/Orientation Leader Training
    This workshop is upon request by the respective office responsible for providing training.


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