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Office of the Provost

dr gentWe're glad you've chosen PennWest Clarion for your post secondary education. PennWest Clarion helps our students fly to new heights and enrich the community in the process.

We also recognize that many students are climbing the educational ladder - earning degrees as they gain professional experience. Some of that professional experience is gained through the university's community associations with co-curricular, internship and study-abroad opportunities.

Our experienced faculty and staff are eager to guide you through the educational process and help you make professional connections. Many of those connections help our students land their first job in the field of their choice.

We're confident that PennWest Clarion will help you succeed. We're eager for you to join the more than 40,000 alumni that have flown from the Golden Eagle's nest.

Here are some other ways we're securing the future of PennWest Clarion and its students:

PennWest Clarion Academic Plan 2015-2020

Academic Improvement Plan

*Employees of PennWest Clarion may access internal academic planning reports by logging into the intranet site with their PennWest Clarion username ( and password.

Last Updated 6/12/23