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EagleMail Login

  • Eagle Mail is the PennWest Clarion student e-mail system, provided in partnership with Microsoft.  Select the link above to login
How do I get Started?
  • Upon your enrollment to the university, your Eagle Mail e-mail address and your initial Eagle Mail password will be provided to you in the BLUE - "PennWest Clarion Computer Account Information" letter. Follow the instructions in the letter to log into your Eagle Mail account, update your password and complete some basic setup steps. That's it -- your new Eagle E-Mail will be ready to use! 
Eagle Mail Password Resets
Eagle Mail and Mobile Phones
Eagle Mail and Microsoft Office
  • Through your Eagle Mail account, current PennWest Clarion students have access to install a copy of Microsoft Office ProPlus on your personal computer.  For more information, please see our Eagle Mail Microsoft Installation Guide.
    • Important Note: The Office license will remain valid while you are a current student at PennWest Clarion. Once you graduate or stop enrollment at the university, you will lose access to the software. When the software license expires, you will retain all local files on your PC and read access to any files stored within the Office 365 system. However, you will have to purchase your own Office license if you wish to continue to use the programs.
Trouble Logging In? Try these steps...

1. Do not use old bookmarks to your Eagle Mail login...It's best to remove these old bookmarks to Eagle Mail.

2. Always go to the "Eagle Mail Login" on this page

3. Clear your web browser 'Cache'/History, shut down browser, and re-launch browser then go to the "Eagle Mail Login" page..

4. If you need additional assistance, please contact our Help Desk 

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Last Updated 8/19/22