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inflatable fun with the Provost

Come Together Clarion is about county wide fun. All day long there will be opportunities for playing with your neighbors and watching them shine. There are inflatable activities brought to you by Able and Clarion University Parent & Family Services on 6th Avenue. We will have table games, of the non-gambling variety, in the First United Methodist Church parking lot, and we want you to be a part of it all.

If your group or organization wants to host a game or other family friendly activity, please fill out the form below, and our team members in charge of forms will follow up with you shortly. All registration information for hosting activities must be completed by April 15, 2016.




Throughout the day live entertainment will keep us going, and yoAndromeda performing a song at CTCu can be there to sing along or to show off your skills. If you or your performance group would like to take the stage, we would love to have you strut your stuff.

In the past we have had cheer leading squads, dance teams, show choirs, and other group performances provide entertainment throughout the day. Larger groups perform at street level right in front of the stage. We also have had individual musicians, poets, and other performers on a small stage parallel to the crosswalk across 6th Avenue at Main Street.

Performances are 15 minutes in length, with a couple minutes in between to get the next group ready. Fill out the information below, and our performance director will be in touch.

All information must be submitted by April 17, 2015.



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