Neighborhood Star Awards

The Neighborhood Star Awards are given annually to people who demonstrate commitment to their communities in areas of special interest. Every day, people around Clarion County are going out of their way to make life better for others, and by default making life better for everyone. This year, we have expanded the awards to cover service in a wide range of categories. We encourage residents from across Clarion County and students at Clarion University to consider the work they and their friends have done over the past year, and nominate volunteers in categories that most closely relate to the goals and accomplishments of their work. While some service may cover more than one category, applicants should pick the best fit for their goals.

Ernie giving award to Ann

The categories for the awards are:

  • Agriculture and Environment
  • Animal Rights and Welfare
  • Education and Child Welfare
  • Health and Human Rights
  • Social and Economic Issues.

Applicants are welcome to apply in more than category, but the same service or project may only be used once.

Applications are due by 12:00 pm, April 24, 2017. You may nominate yourself or others for the Neighborhood Star Awards. All nominees will be contacted and invited to the ceremony at 3:30 pm, on April 29, 2017.


Last Updated 6/12/18