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Online associate of criminal justice degree ranks 16th in the nation

June 21, 2022

JusticeClarion’s online associate in criminal justice degree is ranked 16th in the nation.

University HQ gave Clarion this ranking using a rigorous methodology that includes evaluating the cost of tuition, admission rate, retention rate, graduation rate, graduating salary (or return on investment), number of programs offered, online programs offered, loan default rate, diplomas awarded, percentage of students receiving financial aid, reputation and expert opinion.

“Ultimately, we strive to present an objective and unbiased view of colleges so that students can set reasonable expectations, discover outstanding schools, and embark on a path toward their best lives. We apply our methodology evenly and consistently so that students can trust that each No. 1 ranking is meaningful,” University HQ states on its website.

Clarion University's criminal justice degree program provides a solid, broad-based education in all five areas that criminal justice education comprises, including policing, juvenile justice, criminology, law adjudication, and corrections.

The Associate of Science in criminal justice prepares students to work in these field areas. This program can now be completed in a face-to-face classroom environment at Clarion or Venango campuses or completely online. The program helps students understand criminal behavior, become familiar with important issues concerning the treatment and rehabilitation of criminals, apply the education to their jobs, and be aware of major policies and trends in criminal justice institutions and practices.

It is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions within various federal, state and local agencies and for continuing their education in the field.

Last Updated 6/21/22