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Apprenticeship helps Boyer rise to new heights

January 26, 2022
Kiree Boyer
Kiree Boyer

Before starting this program, I described the kind of work I do now as “way above my pay grade." Now, I have a new sense of power at C&J.

Honestly, this is a wonderful program and truly was a life-changing experience. I had been a process tech for approximately two years before starting the courses, so I thought this the apprenticeship was going to be a cakewalk. I already knew my job, or so I thought.

Before this class, I might have known something was green, but as an apprentice I learned how to use blue and yellow to make it green. Sometimes, troubleshooting in a plastic shop is more about getting it fixed and running again ASAP and less about understanding why there is a problem. Production takes precedence over progress.

By enrolling me in the Plastic Process Technician Apprenticeship Program sponsored by the Appalachian Regional Commission, my employer, C&J Plastics, showed me that my personal progress was just as important. The teachers at American Injection Molding Institute gave me new insight into my job. Through the apprenticeship, I acquired intense but beneficial knowledge.

I was taught by some of the best in the business of plastics. They helped me take my below-average troubleshooting and development skills to a level that many long-term employees don't have.

My wages have increased throughout the program, and the on-the-job training provided definitely made a huge impact on how well I understand the ins and outs of plastic. Studying and reviewing while in the program was essential to maintain what I was learning. There is a lot, and it comes fast.

I am considering looking into further education at Clarion University. The Plastic Process Technician Apprenticeship Program is an amazing experience. I now have greater knowledge and so many new ways to do things.

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