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Abound ranks California, Clarion and Edinboro as Best Graduate Schools 2022

April 12, 2022

Abound Best Graduate SchoolsAbound, the online organization known for connecting adults with the right colleges, has given California, Clarion and Edinboro the stamp of approval for Best Graduate Schools 2022.

The three schools are set to officially become campuses of Pennsylvania Western University later this year.

Abound organizes its best lists by state and not an ordered ranking. California, Clarion and Edinboro were all included in this best list.

"We carefully selected each school based on factors that cover the essential needs of the non-traditional student—accessibility, affordability, acceleration, and advancement. Rather than focusing on rankings or prestige, we focus on what matters most: flexible classes and services, affordable courses, a range of quality programs, and degrees that help students advance in their field," Abound stated on its website.

Aboun BCFAAbound also ranked California and Clarion best in two other categories: Best Colleges for Adults 2022 and the 100 Best Online Colleges.

"These schools uphold the practices that create and reflect a great flexible program: night and weekend access, childcare opportunities, strong part-time student retention and graduation rates, affordable tuition, and more. Through the support of these innovative onsite programs, non-traditional and adult learners can find an efficient way to attend school in person while giving the attention they need to their job and family," Abound stated regarding the Best Colleges for Adults ranking.

As for the 100 Best Online Colleges, Abound's criteria focuses on the student experience.

"The following online colleges are not only accredited, but they have also undergone additional, thorough vetting for a supportive student experience. Their programs can be completed online, meaning students can log in and learn whenever and from wherever. Most are taught by the same faculty who teach on-campus classes to maintain the high-quality education for students across the country. And while students might not step foot on campus, they are nevertheless given the guidance, resources, and services they need to succeed both academically and professionally."

Abound BOCNone of these rankings surprise Lynne Lander Fleisher, director of Online Student Services and Support - Clarion Lead for PennWest-Global Online.Fleisher has experience with both the adult learner population and the online student population. Sometimes they are one and the same.

"Clarion University of Pennsylvania- Clarion Online offered its first online program in 2001. California University of Pennsylvania through its Global Online division began its online offerings in the same year. Together, moving forward with Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, we are Pennsylvania Western University – Global Online and we are stronger together!" Fleisher said. "Our commitment to the adult-learner population will continue to be centered around exemplary support to students. Dedicated success coaches and a myriad of student support services including but not limited to; tutoring, writing center, wellness, library, advising, and career planning."


Last Updated 4/12/22