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B.A. Psychology

Are you interested in what makes people tick? Would you like to help people who are having problems? Would you be interested in making employees or students happier and more productive? Are you interested in being a counselor or a social worker? If your answer to any of these questions is “yes,” you may wish to get a psychology degree. At Clarion, you have a choice between two psychology degrees: a B. A. and a B.S. If you want to develop your language skills, pick up a couple of minors, or double major in Art, English, or Spanish, the B.A. degree may be for you. However, before deciding on the B.A. degree, you should talk to your advisor—and learn about our most popular degree: the B.S. degree. This program is offered only at the Clarion campus.

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B.S. Integrative Studies: Community Services Concentration

The community services concentration within the integrative studies Baccalaureate degree is designed to meet a variety of student needs. Having a transdisciplinary orientation, combining rehabilitation, psychology and sociology, the program allows students to select courses from these disciplines based upon specific interests and future career goals. Those who have an interest in human services, sociology, or psychology but have not targeted a specific post-graduate outcome would also benefit from the interdisciplinary approach of the concentration. This concentration targets students who seek work in a variety of community agencies after graduation, or who want to continues their education with graduate study. This program is offered at the Clarion campus and online.

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B.S. Psychology

To help students who have different career goals, the Clarion Psychology department offers both a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Science degree—and we offer two optional concentrations within the B.S. degree including the applied mental health and applied developmental psychology. Because the concentrations are optional and because the degree programs are flexible, a B.S. degree student who wants to specialize in both counseling and developmental psychology may choose both concentrations, a student who wants to specialize only in either counseling or developmental psychology may choose one concentration, and a student not wanting to specialize may choose not to have a concentration. The major requirements for all degrees are similar in the first two years, allowing students to switch between degree options and to readjust career objectives. All degrees are designed to prepare the student for success in the job market or in graduate school. The applied mental health concentration is designed for students who want to enter the mental health field, either upon graduation or after attending graduate school. The applied developmental psychology concentration is designed for students who want to work with a specific age group (e.g., children, adolescents, or older adults), either immediately or after attending graduate school. We help all B.S. students, regardless of concentration, develop the knowledge, professionalism, critical thinking, communication, teamwork and problem solving skills that should make them successful in their chosen career. This program is offered only at the Clarion campus.

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Minor in Gerontology

The minor in gerontology prepares students for careers in working with older citizens. Those with the minor in gerontology work in county care management, personal care homes, nursing homes, senior centers and crisis centers. This minor is offered only at the Clarion campus.


Minor in Psychology

Psychologists study many issues relevant to the human condition. While some focus on how to help people with problems, others work to better select and train employees. While some psychologists are interested in how the brain determines behavior, others study how behavior changes as we age. Psychologists can be found in human service agencies, schools, industry, advertising, hospitals, and research laboratories. Furthermore, a background in psychology can give you a good foundation for careers in business, law, medicine or religion. This minor fits students' varying career interests. The department's faculty will help you prepare for your future career with individual attention, research opportunities and supervised internships. While you might fall through the cracks at a larger school, you won't at Clarion. This program is available at the Clarion campus and online.


Last Updated 5/26/23