College Prep

Education Planner – This is a phenomenal site where everything available is free of charge! It is sponsored by the PA Higher Education Assistance Agency and focuses on all types of information needed for postsecondary education, from planning, to applications, to money!

KnowHow2Go - This interactive website helps you decide what you should be doing right now, to make your college dreams a reality. Go through the four steps in order to make college happen for you!

Campus Tours - There has to be something said about visiting a college and at this site the user is able to virtually see what is happening on the campus. The site has what is called a WebCam set up that at select colleges and universities the viewer can see what is happening at that time. There are also links to the home pages of numerous colleges and universities.

College Board Online - Connects you to the award-winning ExPAN college search program with a data base of more than 3,000 two-year and four-year colleges. You can choose from among 800 features to create a profile of your ideal college and, in seconds, get a list of the colleges that fit the bill. ExPAN also includes the entire text of the latest edition of The College Handbook and lets you complete and submit admissions applications online.

CollegeNET - This is a searchable data base of colleges, scholarship opportunities, and academic resources. It offers a comprehensive college/university index with good graphics and some interesting resources for financial aid and scholarships. The site recently began offering online admission application processing (for featured schools only). - A comprehensive guide written by a group of academics and post-graduate students covering everything you need to know about earning your masters degree successfully.
Last Updated 3/4/20