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Semester Software Installation Request Form

Software Request form for use prior to a given semester. 

This Semester Software Installation/Update Request Form is for faculty and staff to request any
type of software installation or update (discipline-specific or other software, special files or plug-ins,
etc.) for instructional use in computer labs, laptop carts, and smart classrooms.

PLEASE NOTE : To insure that Computing Services has enough time to properly test and install your
          software, please submit your request at least SIX weeks prior to the start of the semester
          that the software is needed.
** Please be sure that the software is compatible with either Windows 10 or Mac OS X prior to submitting your request.
Computing Services will only install the number of licenses your department has purchased in order to
comply with licensing agreements.

Software Installation/Update Request Process :

1. Complete and submit the Semester Software Installation/Update Request Form below.
2. A follow-up email will be sent to you with a Help Desk call ticket number and the
    technician that has been assigned to perform the installation or update. All correspondence
    with the Help Desk regarding your request should reference the call ticket number.
3. A copy of your request will be sent to the lab manager, smart classroom contact person,
    or your department chair for all instructional requests (computer labs, laptop carts, smart classrooms).
4. Before the installation can proceed, you will need to send the following items to the Help Desk:
         * Software installation manual or instructions
         * Media (i.e., CD Rom) or download site for installation
         * Serial number/registration key (if required by software)
         * Proof of license purchase (physical media or PO with license count) sufficient for each
         PC in the lab, laptop cart, or smart classroom.
5. During testing you may need to provide specific configuration information.
6. After the installation is complete you will need to verify that the software works as desired.

If you have any questions about these procedures, contact the Help Desk at extension 2640 or


****                   REQUESTER INFORMATION                    ****

****                      SOFTWARE DETAILS                            ****
** Note:  We can only install the number of legally procured licenses with associated proof of purchase
****                     VENDOR INFORMATION                        ****
****                INSTALLATION INFORMATION                  ****

Last Updated 5/5/22