It is important for students to take three key courses during their first year as students at Clarion University.  These courses include a math class, a writing class, and an inquiry seminar.  Students access their placement for these three courses (math, writing, and inquiry seminar) via D2L and MyClarion. Instructions on how to log in to D2L are found here.  Instructions on how to log in to MyClarion are found here.

Mathematics Placement - Incoming freshmen at Clarion Campus are placed into their first college mathematics course using the ALEKS math assessment.  Students should click here for more information about this placement assessment. 

Writing Placement (English 110 or 111) – Directed Self-Placement is a process through which students, with knowledge and guidance, choose the first-year writing course that best fits their needs and academic plans. Students’ reading and writing histories and their degree of comfort with academic writing should also aid in the selection process.  For more information, click here.  For questions, contact the Director of Writing, Dr. Rich Lane at

Freshman Inquiry Seminars - Inquiry Seminars are part of Clarion's General Education requirement and are designed exclusively for first-year students.

These courses help students transition to college by guiding them through the ways in which college-educated people ask questions, gather information to address the questions, and then share with other people what they’ve learned. For more information about Inquiry Seminar courses, including current course offerings, click here.

OPTIONAL: Foreign Language Placement Exam - Students who are interested in taking a foreign language course or are required to take foreign language courses for their degree should take the foreign language placement exam prior to enrolling in courses. Directions on how to complete the placement exam can be found here.

Last Updated 4/9/18