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Important Updates for Education Students

attention students who will be registering for block classes: Complete the program admission form


Medical clearances are to be done each year prior to your field experience. Your medical clearance includes verifying and updating the state required immunizations, a TB test and a medical examination.

You will find a schedule of dates and times that medical exams and TB testing will be done for each major on the Office of Field Services Web page under Calendar for the Academic Year.

Please take a copy of your immunizations with you. Students who do not need a TB test (good for two years) should go to the Health Center during the indicated time to schedule the exam for the Medical Clearance.

It is strongly suggested that all medical exams and TB testing be done at the CU Health Center in Becht Hall. This is the best way to insure all data is accurately reported so that the Office of Field Services can record your medical clearance is completed. Also, TB testing will require two office visits (one to administer the test and a second to read the results), much easier to accomplish if done on campus.

If you choose to not utilize use the university Health Center, the physician that does your exam and TB test must complete the attached physician's certification form.

Please be aware that if data is missing on the physicians certification form, you will be notified and:

  1. Your milestones will be marked not complete for your medical clearance, delaying future field observations.
  2. You will be responsible to return to the physician to have the form properly completed.
  3. Processing of your block or student teacher placements will be suspended pending submission of a properly completed physician's certification.

To obtain a medical clearance from the Clarion University Health Center:

  1. Print a copy of the School Personnel Health Record.
  2. Make a copy of your immunizations.
  3. Report to the university Health Center in Becht Hall at the proper time indicated on the Office of Field Services Calendar for the Academic Year and follow the Health Center's instructions.

To obtain a medical clearance from your personal physician:

  1. Print a copy of School Personnel Health Record.
  2. Print a copy of the Physician's Certification for your doctor to complete and sign.
  3. Return the Physicians Certification form with original signature to the Office of Field Services (no faxes).
  4. DO NOT submit the School Personnel Health Record to the Office of Field Services. This document is yours and should be kept with your personal records.

Notice: The physician's certification is to be completed by the physician conducting your TB test and exam or the physician's office designee. Falsification of date or signature is a violation of the Conduct Policy, Student Regulations as found in the Clarion University Student Rights, Regulation and Procedures and is subject to disciplinary action under The Clarion University's Judicial Policy.

Week 1 for CSD first steps and ECH---Friday, January 23, 2015, from 9-11AM and 1:30-3:30PM
Week 2 for Rehab---Friday, January 30, 2015, from 9-11AM and 1:30-3:30PM
Week 3 for CSD second steps, Mid-level, and Secondary Ed---Friday, February 6, 2015, from 9-11AM and 1:30-3:30PM

UPDATE: ACT 24 is now a required clearance for all pre-service teachers. More information about this clearance can be found at Clearances- FBI- Act 33- Act-34.

 Pearson testing Center

Students in teacher preparation programs may now take the Pearson tests on campus. For registration, schedules and requirements, visit For information, call 814- 393-2404.

ETS Testing

Please Note:  Two sets of tests are needed for teacher certification

1. Basic skills tests are available from Pearson (PAPA) or ETS (CORE). All majors must  pass these before taking block classes.  
2. Praxis II  or PECT tests are to be taken before student teaching.

Major TEST
ECH PECT - Pearson Prek-4 
SPED PECT   -Pearson K-8  
Secondary Ed Praxis II   - ETS
All K-12 Praxis II  - ETS
ED Middle Level Praxis II - ETS

· Tests are computer based only!
· Information about Pearson tests:
· Information about ETS Praxis tests:
· Clarion University's Person Testing Center is in Room 7 Sped, Stevens Hall. Open alternating Saturdays and  Fridays.


Student Teaching Paperwork Information

The final cut-off date is:

June 30th for Student Teaching in the Fall Semester.
January 15th for Student Teaching in the Spring Semester.
All of the following information must be updated and on file in the Office of Field Services before you are able to student teach.

  • Current physical and TB test
  • Clearances Act 24, 33, 34, 151
  • Liability Insurance ($1,000,000)
  • Praxis test taken or Seat Ticket showing that you are registered for the needed test before student teaching.

** If any of these informational items are not current or in the Office of Field Services by the given dates you will need to complete your student teaching experience the following semester.

 PDE Applications for teacher certification:

The students who need to access TIMS are enrolling in ALL SECTIONS OF:

ECH 424 Early Childhood Student Teaching ED 432 Student Teaching in Music
ECH 425 Early Childhood Student Teaching ED 433 Student Teaching in Music
ED 421 Modern Language Student Teaching EDML 423 Library Practicum in Elementary School
ED 423 Library Practicum in Secondary Schools EDML 424 Middle Level Student Teaching
ED 424 Secondary Student Teaching EDML 425 Middle Level Student Teaching
ED 425 Secondary Student Teaching SPED 450 Special Education Student Teaching
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