Center for Applied Research and Intellectual Property Development

Clarion University's Center for Applied Research and Intellectual Property Development (CARIPD) serves to support, incubate, and accelerate individual entrepreneurs, start-up companies, and established companies.  CARIPD supports sponsored/contract research with individual entrepreneurs and industry partners, supports internal applied research, and manages the private and shared facilities at Clarion University's Innovation Laboratories.

Gregory Barnes Center at Clarion University Under the Office of the Provost, CARIPD acts as a liaison to assist industry partners, supports joint, sponsored, or contract research, internships, intellectual property development and grant writing. CARIPD is designed to complement the work of Clarion University's Small Business Development Center (SBDC), which aids small business development in the area. Together, CARIPD and the SBDC provide everything needed to support the growth of technology-related businesses. 

CARIPD, located at The Gregory Barnes Center at Clarion University, is dedicated to conducting applied research and academic-industry collaborations for the development of novel technologies. Student opportunities offer hands on skill sets that applied to industry positions. 

Incubator facilities include our Innovation Laboratories: 2500SF of shared facilities designed for academic and industrial integration. These facilities offer two proprietary laboratory spaces in conjunction with communal laboratories and equipment for industrial clients. Other facility features also include electron microscopy, deconvolution fluorescent microscopy, and a class 10 clean room suited for semiconductor or aseptic processes.

Innovation Incubation 

Contact:   Dr. Todd Pfannestiel   •    •   +1 814 393 2328 (office) 

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