Tech Fee

Clarion university technology fee


The purposes of the Technology Fee are: (1) to acquire, install, and maintain up-to-date and emerging technologies to enhance student-learning outcomes; (2) provide equitable access to technology resources; and (3) to ensure, ultimately, that System graduate are competitive in the technologically sophisticated workplace.  


Calls for new Tech Fee project proposals will be coordinated periodically through the University Technology Advisory Committee (UTAC).  To submit a proposal in response to that call, complete the following steps:

  1. Develop a proposal and submit it via forms that are distributed to Vice Presidents and Deans as part of the call for new proposal process
  2. Note that Computing Services is offering consulting services concerning project development and pricing.  Please be sure to contact Computing Services for technical specifications, pricing, and technical infrastructure capacity during proposal development.
  3. Submit the proposal (via email) through your Department Chair who, in turn, will submit the proposal to Computing Services ( for technical review.  After the technical review, the proposal will be routed to your Vice President or Dean for division or college review.

Note:  Vice Presidents and Deans will then submit ranked proposals for the full division or college to UTAC for review

Please be sure to follow all of the procedures.  Historically, we receive more project requests than available funding, so we may not be able to fund all eligible requests.

Please direct any questions to Samuel Puleio or Steve Selker.


Last Updated 6/12/18