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Student Health Advisory Board


The purpose of the Student Health Advisory Board or (SHAB) is to serve as a venue for discussing health issues relevant to Clarion students and for obtaining student input into improving health-related programs and services. 

SHAB is comprised of students and staff from Keeling Health Center and the Office of Health Promotions who collaborate to determine how to better respond to student health/wellness needs.  Some of the functions of SHAB include:

  • Acting as liaison between the students and the Keeling Health Center.
  • Recommending new programs for students that focus on important health-related issues.
  • Gathering and communicating student opinions related to health care services, fees, and programming.
  • Providing input into the annual goals for the following academic year.

Membership and Meetings

  • Members of SHAB are represented by a variety of CUP student organizations, student athletes, and individuals.
  • SHAB meetings are held at the Bacchus Gamma meetings once a month.
  • Professional input is provided by the Health, Wellness, and Counseling Departments.

Interesting in becoming a student member?

  • CUP students who are interested in becoming a member of SHAB can contact Jimmy McGee at 393-1949 or by email at